INTERNATIONAL FANCLUB DEPORTIVO-LA-CORUNA.COM is an official fanclub (peña) with members who actively participate in the forum. This is Deportivo La Coruña's very first international, non-geographical peña.

Membership perks include special features at its own special forum, getting together with other fans from your area, better access to purchasing match tickets, possibility to be present during meetings in La Coruña, the opportunity to vote for its own Player of the Year and much, much more.

The fanclub is a meeting place of supporters who share the good and bad moments of the team and together work on making it better all the time.

How to be a member?

At our fanclub we are very close. This means that if we don't know you - we won't be able to accept you. So the only chance of us considering to accept you as a member is your active and intelligent participation in the forum so that we notice you or if one or more of the existing members gives you a recommendation.
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