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caabrego 26-06-2019 16:22

DEPORTIVO 2019/20 - Rumours: possible arrivals and exits
New thread for the new season.

abdul001 26-06-2019 21:55

alots of movements already started

MrButton 26-06-2019 22:37

Rumours I've read today
-Moreno is right now in air on a plane taking him back to Medellin - He won't come back. Good thing cause he was horrible.
-Saul is gone(Alaves)
-According to some reports Mallorca has made a 3M offer to Sporting for...Domingos Duarte. Sporting wants 5M
-According to >dxtcampeon< Fede Cartabia is not part of the 2019/20 Depor season
-Valledolid is going to make a bid for Quique IF they fail to sign Enes Unal from Villareal. Quique's clause is between 10 millions(likely to get sold by a lot less), but I don't know if he has the same stipulation with Depor, as he had with Osasuna, which lowers his clause to 1.7M between July 2-20. Does anybody know?
-Steve One won't return to Fabril
-Guillermo May MAY ;) return to fabril. He's right now in Uruguay with Club National
-Javi Cobo is returning to Santander. We'll meet them next year in Segunda

-Vasilios Lampropoulos(29) is the first signing of the new season. CB from AEK Athens
-Borja Valle wrote on IG: Although it is difficult to get up, follow and think how beautiful it will be when this team gets it next year ... - By the looks of it he's on for another season.

-It's not yet decided whether Marti will continue or not but if he isn't, Francisco Rodriguez who coached Huesca last season will be a candidate

Deporlover 27-06-2019 08:10

I think and Hope that these will stay: Dani, Mari, Caballo, Somma, Alex , Valle, Quiqe, cartabia, pedro, simon
-for sure will leave: Duarte, Saul, Edu (50% chance)
-Hope they will leave: Moreno , Krondelhi, Selva , Santos, dubairbair
-Not bad to keep: Boveda, Vicenti, Nahuel , Ortola
-Will stay but I hope we can get rid off: Mosquera

Ricardo 27-06-2019 14:14

So much work to be done this summer, its crazy!

We need to try to form a better squad than last season where we finished 6th, with a budget that has been reportedly cut by 50%.

No Manager currently in place.

Fabril have been relegated, so its not as if we can pluck some starlets from there.

Things are not looking great at the moment!

valeron21 27-06-2019 14:20

actually the loan deals were not so many - 6 players, so we need to cover them plus eventual departures of some good players like Fede and Edu

There rumours that we are working on a new loan of Mari which will be great imo

american123 27-06-2019 15:53

First offer for Edu was 3,3. I think anything above 5 and you have to consider. I am not sure how much we will get for Fede because of his injuries and I also think Mosquera has a high salary so he may have to go too.

Hori 27-06-2019 16:16

How sad is that when a team like Eibar - seriously.. EIBAR.. - can steal your best player.... So here we are now :(

Vatex 27-06-2019 19:30


Originally Posted by Hori
How sad is that when a team like Eibar - seriously.. EIBAR.. - can steal your best player.... So here we are now :(

You mean edu goes to Eibar ? ;(

Hori 27-06-2019 20:37

Yes, Edu to Eibar. Also I just read that Pablo Mari can go to Girona....

american123 27-06-2019 20:49

Watching the Spain U21s and would love some of these players on loan if they don't have a spot with their clubs. Also peaked at the Spain U19 roster and almost every one is at a Champions League club. I doubt they will play at such a young age so Depor could be a great spot to develop.

MrButton 28-06-2019 11:42

We are interested in Sabin Merino from Leganes and he's too keen on coming here. Will replace Carlos Fernandez

Borja Galan is coming back to the team

MrButton 28-06-2019 12:02

Holy Cow! Camelo is trying to get Celso Borges back... He would be a massive signing

EDIT Sorry not true. Still not so good at spanish

Ricardo 28-06-2019 13:26

So it looks like the following could be on their way if the right offers come in:


Galan, Rober (currently injured) and Mari (1 year left of contract with Man City, City are looking for a permanent deal) could be returning/staying.

american123 28-06-2019 14:51

After last year's disaster of Depor, Fabril, and Juveniles it does look like this season is setting up to be much more organized with a clear vision.

With Somma and Visilios signed it would be great if Rober to Levante could be used to pay for Mari to Depor as I think Mari has a higher potential. Celta possibly paying 15M+ for Denis Suarez shows how important being in 1st division is and why some younger players from Coruņa are leaving to play for Celta. This is arguably the most important season in the history for Depor, Fabril, and all of the Academy at Abegondo.

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