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Originally Posted by american123
A lot of wasted signings in the summer and overpaying for older players that we are now getting rid of. I do like that Abanca has stepped in to prevent the signing of Luis Fernandez for 200k. There is no reason that we cannot find good, young players that want to play for Depor that will cost 10% of what we are paying some of these veterans with experience. With Rolan and Costa leaving I am hoping for Nacho and Miku to be next and keep it in-house. Call up Adri full time and call up Rayco or Javi Sanchez to replace those 2. Unless we can get a U23 player who is willing to run up and down, I do not want them.

Hey mate, your wish (finally) come true, Diego Villares is promoted from Fabril I remeber that he occasionally trained with the first team, maybe even played in a few friendly games, but nothing more.
He is 24 right? So I guess he will take the free spot left by the departure of Rolan
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