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31 Dec 2020
Defender Eneko Bóveda believes that Depor are on the right track despite the criticism. He admitted that Depor are favorites for the promotion and that there’s enough time to fix the inaccuracies.

Eneko Bóveda addressed the media on Wednesday. He was taking of the expectations and also of the Copa game against Alavés, “We assume that, psychologically, it is very difficult to escape in our league from that feeling that you have a lot to lose and little to gain. Even if these are only three points, the rivals are like you. Everything around us, even our mental schemes, go in that direction. And honestly, it isn’t the situation in which things are enjoyed. But on the other hand, if we are favorites and we have that demand, it will be for something. The Cup match will be totally opposite. They are clear favorites and we have nothing to lose, but in the end we also want to win, as always. Although in that sense the approach is more comfortable.”

He is convinced that Depor are on the right track despite the last defeat with Celta B, “I am totally clear that, with our squad, you can be promoted. What's more, we are clear favorites to move up. Whether you have to go to the market or not is not something I shouldn’t care, it isn’t my department. But I am convinced that we can do it, I have all the faith in the world in this squad. When we play badly, it’s normal for anyone to get hot and sometimes overreact, it seems that a player does not measure up. But we have the needed level and we are going to demonstrate it.”

"We are in numbers of games of not even a third of the league, making balances can be a bit hasty. We are on a path, although we repeat ourselves, it is like that, it is to build something better than what we are being able to do. If we have demands of a favorite (in the league) it is for a reason." He added.

About the criticism towards the coach and the team, the right-back defender commented that, “Questioning the coach is something similar to questioning the squad. To the doubts that we have generated and the criticism that has been created. If it’s normal or not, expected or not… I don't know. We have a big demand and we assume it, but at the same time we must convey that there is no promotion in December. Perhaps we have not given people what they expected, but I think the road is longer than a match. We are within parameters that give us a way to dispute our great objective. Following football with balance and coolness is not easy, but we cannot be too aware of what happens around the team. You have to be patient. We are on the way to build something better than what we are being able to do."

The Basque player was also commenting on the recent injury problems affecting the team, “I don't know if we are having more or less injuries than other teams, but it’s a factor that diminishes, it limits the performance. Everything must be done to avoid and prevent them. The conditions of this season are different and I am sure that, when it ends, there will be a lot of study and statistics. Anyway, we are arriving after the vacation, we have more days than normal before the next game and we play with that margin, we take advantage of it to make certain adjustments and the treatments come in handy.”



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