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07 Jan 2021
Depor eliminated from the Copa Del Rey. Good first half of the Galicians, later Alavés improved and scored just after a good chance for Rolan.

Coach Fernando Vázquez had problems to prepare the game due to a COVID-19 case detected on Monday, his team didn’t train for two days. In the end he presented the 4-4-2 formation tested on Monday, which included the debut of Manu Mosquera. The 21-year-old striker is the son of Manu Mosquera, former player of Depor and former coach of Fabril.

Lucho García was the goalkeeper, Jorge Valín covered the right side on defence, the left spot was for Salva Ruiz. Álex Bergantiños and Celso Borges performed at midfield, Keko Gontán attacked from the right wing, José Lara did it from the left and Claudio Beauvue joined Mosquera in attack.

At Deportivo Alavés, coach Pablo Machín presented the expected 4-4-2 formation. Ex-Deportivo striker Joselu Mato was leading the offensive efforts. He was joined by former Celta man John Guidetti.

Maybe the best first half on this season. Not too many chances to score, but Deportivo found plenty of room at midfield and displayed good football mainly focused on the right wing. Alavés had the best opportunity at the end of the first part.

The game started with a Depor that found plenty of room at midfield, so it wasn’t hard to have the ball and later the locals were focusing the attacks on the right wing through Keko and Valin. But the first chance to score came on the left flank, a cross from Salva Ruiz was headed by Borges, the ball went into the path of Lara, but Beauvue got in the middle and sent the ball out (10’).

Meanwhile, Alavés were trying to release quick attacks and crosses searching for Joselu and Guidetti. But Deportivo was the side that continued to have the best opportunities. At minute 20, Mosquera was unable to connect the ball in a deflection by visiting goalie Antonio Sivera, then Beauvue deflected a low shot of Borges that was going into the far post.

The first chance for Alavés was a good play by Joselu on the left, he released a cross that Guidetti missed at the edge of the area (26’). But Depor continued insisting. At minute 32, Valin stole the ball at the left wing and released a cross that Beauvue was close to connect, but a defender cleared the ball to corner-kick.

The first half ended with the best chance for Alavés. Salva Ruiz lost the ball at the left corner of the area, then Tavares assisted Joselu, he released a shot that turned into a pass that Guidetti met at the far post, and the Swedish attacker met the woodwork (44’).

Things were different in the final part. Alavés started to push at midfield and had more presence in attack. But Deportivo were also attacking and the winning goal arrived just two minutes after the best chance for the locals in the entire match.

The first chance in the second part was for Depor, Keko made a good play on the left and released a cross that was too high for Beauvue, who was waiting for the ball at the penalty spot (49’). The difference in this half was that Alavés were trying to have the ball and were putting pressure at midfield, something that didn’t happen in the first part.

For this reason, the Basques had the ball possession and Depor were now relying on the counterattack. Then Fernando Vázquez made a triple modification. Nacho González, Héctor Hernández and Rui Costa entered for Lara, Beauvue and Manu Mosquera.

These changes didn’t work, Alavés continued to have the ball and were increasing their presence at Depor’s area. Meanwhile, Depor were easily losing the ball in the offensive transitions. Then the locals made two more chances, Álex Barba debuted with the first team replacing Salva Ruiz, while Diego Rolan entered for a Keko Gontán that suffered a knock.

Barba was now playing at midfield and Nacho González covered the left side in defence. Then Diego Rolan had the best chance for Depor in the entire game, he collected a drilled pass and ran towards the area entering by the left corner, then he attempted a shot that passed close to the post instead of assisting Rui Costa (72’).

One minute later substitute Borja Sainz was close to score with a strong shot that was saved by Lucho García, and two minutes later Alavés scored the winning goal. A high cross from Martin was met by Luis Rioja and his strong and low shot was impossible for Depor’s goalie.

The game was wide open for the final ten minutes, both sides pushed hard for the goal and it was incredible that their arrivals weren’t ending in shots on target. The exception was the last play in the game, a shot of Valin that Sivera cleared to corner-kick (90+3’)

Deportivo eliminated from the Copa del Rey. Nice first part for a Deportivo that played good football, Alavés improved in the second part, but the differences were minimal. Rolan entered and wasted a great chance (72'), two minutes later Luis Rioja scored for the visiting side.

The Galicians are now only focused in one competition and in the promotion to Segunda. The next game of Depor is the visit to Zamora CF (Sunday, 17h30 CET).

Deportivo: (4-4-2) Lucho García – Valín, Mujaid, Bóveda, Salva Ruiz (Álex Barba 67’) – Keko (Rolan 67’), Álex Bergantiños, Borges, Lara (Nacho González 58’) – Manu Mosquera (Rui Costa 58’), Beauvue (Nacho González 58’).
Alavés: (4-4-2) Sivera - Marín, Laguardia, Aguirregabiria, Tachi – Rioja, Pina, Manu García, Tavares (Edgard Mendez 85’) – Joselu (Deyverson 85’), Guidetti (Borja Sainz 70’).
Goal: 0-1: (74’) Rioja
Referee: Pablo González Fuertes. He showed yellow card to Marín (30’) and Manu Mosquera (47’)
Venue: Riazor



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