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08 Jan 2021
Deportivo were once again eliminated in the second round of Copa, but the coach and the players believe the game will be good for the self-esteem of the squad.

Fernando Vázquez was content with the performance of his team, "We are satisfied of our situation. We arrived and didn’t have more positive cases, at least for now as we have to wait. Later, the team was calm as it wasn't pressed to win. It showed the capacity that the players have in order to compete. We earned some self-esteem today. Each weekend its only about the result; to be thinking about the result; that if you don't win, then I don't know this or that... It's something that weighs on the team.”

“Today we played a game in which we weren’t favorites. That doubt is a psychological issue. It is what it is, it is reality. We have to get used to that, accept who we are and manage to play exactly the same in Segunda B, with the same calm, patience, tranquility, moving the ball with meaning. It’s a subject that we have failed to fight. We are favorites in Segunda Division B and now we have to prove it. We cannot escape from that." He added.

He was also explaining that the system used was a 4-2-3-1, "The system was different, because we played with two midfielders, two wingers, one playmaker and one striker. But it won't be repeated as Lara is suspended for Sunday."

Later the coach clarified that Keko Gontán wasn’t injured when he was replaced, "I told Keko that he needed minutes and that he was going to stay until he can endure. He asked me for the substitution, and it was only for precaution. He is fine."

Depor’s coach was asked on his meeting with the president in which it was speculated that he could be fired, "I can only tell you that he gave me his confidence. He asked to move forward and that we should try to improve."  Then he said that nothing is sure about making signings during the winter window, "I am happy with what I have in the squad. I know the signings are difficult as we only have one spot available. I have no information in moves to be made."

Vázquez ended describing the next two games are really important, "It’s an important game against Zamora. This and the next one [in Salamanca] are important, because we don't know what might happen next. Due to the situation of the pandemic, it would be very interesting to win these next two games. That's why we're going to Zamora."

Eneko Bóveda was saying that the game is bringing self-esteem to the squad, "We really wanted to win. I personally, and many members of the team too, had a special hope. The point was to vindicate ourselves as a squad and individually, to show that we aren’t so far from players who are currently competing at the highest level in the world. And we have accomplished that. I agree with Fernando Vázquez that it should help us to encourage that self-esteem, because it’s difficult to feel fulfilled or satisfied."

He was also describing the job done as a centre-back, "We have planned a game with Mujaid and with me knowing how we could suffer against the Alavés’ forwards, who have a very marked profile, with that power in the aerial game. We have tried to force the game to be played where we wanted, which was by advancing the lines and playing a bit of running, which was where Mujaid and I are most comfortable. More or less, we have succeeded. We have managed to put our rival offside in several opportunities, we have managed to win the runs, they haven’t stood in front of the goalkeeper despite the fact that we have assumed certain risks. The team has been fine and, in the end, the individual performances go hand in hand with the team. We have fulfilled what was expected of us, at least what I expected of us and myself. "

Manu Mosquera debuted with the team and was describing his feelings, “My feelings were very good, from the first moment they covered me and made me feel comfortable. That helps things turn out and I could enjoy the field on my debut day. Since I entered the club it was my dream, I went out to have a good time, to enjoy and in the end everything worked out. I'm very happy".

At Alavés, coach Pablo Machín was explaining what he saw in the game, "We knew that for Deportivo it was a super stimulating game: to play against a Primera Division with the players they have, many of them have played in this same league as well. They were going to be spurred on. And we were going with the firm idea of getting involved. Of believing that they at the same level, taking it as if it were a first-class team. And it’s true that things haven’t turned out as well as we wanted, more on the merits of Depor. "

“Within the first half hour they have emptied and then they have noticed a little fatigue. Even so, the clearest chance was a shot that hit the post in our favor. In the second half we were dominant, we had another chance to score before that 0-1. And in football if you don't get it right then you end suffering. And since we have only scored one goal, in the end they have overturned. We didn’t suffer too much, but always with the uncertainty of the scoresheet.” He added.



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