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10 Jan 2021
Deportivo’s coach is aware of the muscle injuries affecting his team, but he pointed to other teams too. He insisted with the pressure over the team for been the favorites. Meanwhile, Zamora’s coach believes that only their best version can beat Depor.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Friday. He was explaining the injuries that are hitting Deportivo and the situation with the COVID-19. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Long list of injuries: “Unfortunately we have the casualty of Bóveda. Héctor [Hernández] and Claudio [Beauvue] are also out of the game. They join the other three that were there: Miku, Derik and Borja Galán. So, we have those six casualties for the game. They have muscle issues, some of them could be training, but we need to be sure and could be out for three weeks. In the other hand, Adrián [Castro] trained with normality, and Gandoy has been fine. Both are a little tired, but nothing important.”

Why so many muscle problems? “If you read the reports from la liga, the muscle injuries have been dramatically increasing, several teams are in trouble right now. It isn’t normal, but it isn’t only affecting us. I read the report and it’s impressive. We don’t know the reasons, but at least the increase is 40%, and it’s also affecting Germany and other countries.”

Mental state of the squad: “The team is fine. They are feeling comfortable. They are feeling secure, but we are returning to a competition in which we are considered as favorites, and everyone needs to know how to deal with it. We want to win the next two games, Zamora and Salamanca, and we are working for that.”

Analysis of the first round: “As I said throughout the league, we are in a situation in which some players are a little low, and I hope a better Depor for the second part of the league. I hope we can improve, feeling more comfortable and, if it’s possible, with a more attractive football, but the important thing is to not drop points.”

Zamora: “It’s a team well worked. They are vulnerable in some aspects, but their players have a good level. They are well-organized and I believe we can counteract them, but we will know it for sure on Sunday.”

The weather: “I am a little worried for the issue, because it seems things will be worse. We are going to have problems in order to make the trip, but for now we are only focused in the game. It won’t be easy.”

How to deal with the pressure of been favorites: “We talk about the issue. Because, in Copa, we were 0-0 with Alavés and it seems we were winning, then, this Sunday, we will start 0-0 and it will look like we are losing. That’s the feeling. How to get rid of it? We talk about it and we must go out without thinking of the result. It isn’t easy for anyone, but we are what we are.”

The COVID-19 situation: “Today’s delay in the training wasn’t for the cold temperature, it was because we were making tests. We were expecting the results for 10AM, and that’s why the training was delayed, but the results were here by 7AM and the scheduled was already done. That’s the reason why the training was delayed. All the tests were negative. We had another positive case yesterday, we have two now and that’s the reason why the PCR’s were repeated. If we would have found another one, then the game would have been delayed.”

Nacho González and his lack of minutes: “He ended affected, because he isn’t used to enter by minute 70. To go out and find a different pace, it is difficult. I told him that he is an important player and that he isn’t losing prestige. He is fine and will continue so.”

David Movilla addressed the media on Friday. He was assuring that Zamora CF need to show their best version in order to defeat Depor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Deportivo: “It’s the team with the bigger potential. Deportivo is a historic team, One from Primera. It has no more pressure than if it were the first place. They have extraordinary players, an extraordinary coaching staff and a spectacular social mass. If it hasn’t managed to be an outstanding leader, it is because of the great potential of the group in which we are.”

The pressure of Depor: “It’s a squad made up of well-known players, footballers who have been in Primera Division. A season or two ago, Zamora was the favorite in all fields, we were required to win, score a lot of goals... and the differences that existed aren’t the same ones as those between Deportivo and the rest of the teams in this league. I don’t say this to justify any results, but to put in context the magnitude of the next rival. There is a Deportivo’s player whose salary is higher than the entire budget of Zamora.”

Zamora need their best version: “You have to be aware of their potential, and from there face the game with energy, personality and ambition. If mentally we don’t face it in the best way, our options are minimal. In fact, even doing it well, Deportivo can win. If we don't offer our best version, there will be no chances of beating Deportivo."

How to beat Depor: “They only give the opponent two or three chances per game. Our mission will be to take advantage of some of those opportunities and that could be enough to win the game." 




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