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14 Jan 2021
Rubén de La Barrera was presented after Wednesday’s training session. He explained his philosophy and want the fans should expect with his Deportivo.

New year, new coach. Deportivo presented on Wednesday the new coach of the first team. After the training session, president Fernando Vidal presented Rubén de La Barrera and later addressed the media.

Vidal explained the reasons why Fernando Vázquezwas sacked, "The board chose to sack Fernando Vázquez after a long meeting, it was hard, because the feeling towards Fernando is strong. It wasn't only to sack a coach, but a good friend, but we understood that a change was the best decision."

Later the president welcomed the new coach, “We are enchanted with the proposal of the sporting director. He is from A Coruña and it’s strange that we didn’t have more before. He is only the four A Coruña-born coach working with Deportivo. We are convinced that the goal of the promotion is going to be achieved.”

Then De La Barrera talked to reporters, he was talking of his arrival to Depor, “I am thankful for the confidence put in me and in my coaching staff. I also recognize the work of the previous coach and his assistants. I want to thank many people for this. My hope was always to coach this club. I have experience in these kinds of competitions. I know what I am talking about and also what I want. We will be together in this.”

“I found a team that’s well trained. I see a team used to defend with a good number of players, and we are going to be benefited from that. In the other hand, we will try to see the things that we want occurring during the games. I feel that the rivals will try to attack using the counterattack and we need to be prepared for that. We are Depor and we are forced to win, and in order to win, we need to do well several things. Depor is a team that I always followed, and I have been in Segunda B for a while, but neither was too much time, to the point that I find several know people. I know the league and I have a clear idea of what we want and with whom we will achieve it.” He added.

The Galician coach was explaining his philosophy, “I want a vertical and deep team. It’s not a matter of only passing the ball, but to recognize what you want and according to what the rival is proposing. My job is to recognize these situations and later fix the issues. We will use the ball to move the rivals and create goal opportunities. We need to create counterattacks and that the rival could be unable to defend them, the set-pieces are also important, especially in this league.”

“We are conscious of the moment in which we are. Since that point I see the need to bring the resources that we will need in order to win the games. We want to dominate and win, and for that we need to create the highest possible number of goal opportunities. We need to learn how to attack the rival and lock them at their side of the pitch, also to learn how to take the set-pieces and put pressure up front. We are going to exploit the sides, we will teach the players when they have to run in these positions. The game itself tell you when to do it. We will be discovering it, though I already have an idea about it. The plan is to play by the inside and the outside in the best possible way. I hope that what I think will be translated into the pitch.” He added.

He was talking about the issue of been the favorites and the resulting pressure over the players, “I found an open changing room, a group of players that listen and that want to learn. We must also be conscious that we are at Segunda B and that we the favorites. How to deal with that? With security, to be stable when things go wrong. We are conscious that we are forced to win, but before we need to do a series of things. There’s a pressure in this and we need to show our best effort.”

De La Barrera didn’t want to talk about reinforcements during the winter window, “We don’t have time and for that reason I cannot thing of the market. I need to focus on the players that are here, to enter their heads and insist in what I want. We must try to t reach the next game, do the best things and try to win it. I can only tell you that these are our players and we are going to death with them.”

He also promised to work with the academy, “I coached B squads and I know how it works. The relation with the academy teams should be natural. Not always there’s a good communication. We have several players used to train with us, and we will have more, because I want to meet them. I come here in order to help, but not only my team, but also the academy teams. I am not here to earn a medal, but to dynamize the process.”



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