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16 Jan 2021
Fernando Vázquez was about to cry as he was saying good-bye in a press conference, he also criticized the decision of sacking him.

Harsh good-bye by Fernando Vázquez. The now ex-Depor coach gave a press conference on Friday. The event was going to take place at Abegondo, but in the end the coach preferred to do it virtually. At some moments of the press conference had to stop as he was about to cry, while in others he had hard words for the decision of sacking him. The following is a summary of the things he said.

How are you dealing with it? "I didn't have enough strength to give a press conference immediately. It's a bad drink, a difficult time. I wanted to give a face-to-face press conference, but the situation leads us to a method. I absolutely respect the club's decision. The club hires you and  they can fire you. I accept the situation and start criticizing myself, because you are always on the learning path. I came to Depor to help, not to gain prestige or money. Neither was for a special professional project."

The expulsions: "If anything corrodes me internally and if I failed at anything it's in the expulsions I suffered last year. I don't think I did anything out of the ordinary, but that kept me from being close to the team at important times. I would be much happier and calmer if at that time the coach had the chance to be on the pitch. "

Comments pointing that the coach lacked spirit and hope to train on this season: "I'm super critical of myself and what I want to say to the fans is that it’s absurd that I lacked enthusiasm and desire to work. We all suffered tremendously after what happened last season. I put more than what a coach has to put in the fight, I had a moment of weakness that I recognized, but I was like a cannon now. If someone doesn’t accept the current situation of the team is other people, not me. I had the hope of a small child to rise with Depor The maximum passion and commitment too. If I was prepared before, why wouldn't now? It's hard for me to understand why this coach was right for supercritical moments and now not for an easier situation. Sometimes I get the feeling that some media says that more than a coach I was a mass animator. I am a coach based on study and training, no one has given me anything. If I had been training for 30 years... I don’t stop learning and consider myself a good coach. Top level.”

Did you receive an ultimatum before facing Zamora CF? "I've heard that I received an ultimatum and it didn't happen at any point. I never felt that extra pressure. The president never told me about an ultimatum. Not at all. Instead, he gave me his confidence. But I noticed a change in feelings at the end of last season. "It's hard to work when you feel distrustful. It came to me from everywhere. When you're in an environment of distrust, you lose your joy, but that has nothing to do with your passion for training. There was no reason for the sack. .The situation is coming from the past. The feeling with which I'm leaving is that I arrived at Deportivo in a sporting crisis and now we were more or less meeting the goals. If there really was trust, I don't think there are reasons for my exit. These two errors (defeats against Celta B and Zamora) were only the justification for making the decision. I have always been involved in the defense of Deportivo. Now I wonder if that commitment was only valid when I won. And that if you stop winning a game the it is no longer valid.”

Criticism towards the directors: "Perhaps the biggest obstacle I encountered, since the final moments of last season, was not from the outside, it was inside my own club. Things have happened that the club knows and I hope that, for the good of Deportivo, both the president and ABANCA know how to make the right decisions for the unit, to come back and achieve the goals. The club offered me their facilities to give this press conference but the feeling is that it was no longer appropriate and that is why I am here in front of a computer.  "Richard and I have a good relationship. I don't have the ability to ask for absolutely anything. Richard Barral has done a good job and so I have publicly acknowledged it. I don't want to go any further."

He was never consulted during the pre-season: "I am a coach and I can reach certain places. My dream was to finish with the first team and contribute my vision that I have for Depor. But that vision of mine, they never asked me. They never asked me about sporting policy, project, the academy... . None of this. And I wish they had. "

What Depor must do now: "The rebirth of what I was talking about was transforming the club in every way. We are big, huge, but the club needs to get better and I hope ABANCA uses its capabilities to put Deportivo where it needs to be at all levels. I’ve absolute confidence that ABANCA and the president will know how to fix it. It’s their responsibility." 




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