22 Jan 2021
Jorge Valin conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruńa. He analyzed the situation with the new coach and the importance of the coming matches.

Q: How have been these last weeks?
A: Complicated and at the same time exciting, because it’s always very hard when a coach leaves. For me, the day that Fernando [Vázquez] was dismissed it was very sad, but now we have a new coach who has arrived with great enthusiasm. He has had little time, but little by little the ideas that he wants to capture in the field will be seen.

Q: What do you get from Fernando Vázquez?
A: When we were in Segunda Division there was a break due to the coronavirus, he called several players from the academy to train with him. He was the one who put us a bit into the strictest dynamics of the first team and I can only have words of thanks for him. I have had minutes at his command and, apart from the fact that whenever a coach leaves it is sad, more so in the case of Fernando.

Q: Why didn't his project succeeded on this season?
A: We all have to be self-critical. Of course, the coach has part of the responsibility, but footballers are the ones who play every Sunday. We weren’t able to find a fluid game or to be dominant in almost any game to achieve more comfortable or bigger victories. We are the favorites in each game and if you don’t achieve what is expected of you, problems will appear.

Q: From the squad you always insisted that you were comfortable with that proposal that started from defensive security...
A: At the back we were always strong, but what we lacked was when we had the ball. We tried to push, but it didn't quite work out. They beat us easily and we gave the ball to the rival at times. Apart from being safe defensively, we wanted to be dominant, but we didn’t manage well that facet of the game.

Q: Did the team's demand in the league weigh too much?
A: Sure it weighs, but we have to live with it. It’s very nice to play at the Riazor and we have the demands that we might not have at other teams. If it could affect? If every weekend you are expected to win with force and you don’t get it, doubts may appear. We have to know how to carry that because we are going to be favorites all season long.

Q: The proposal with Rubén de la Barrera seems completely different, how have they received it?
A: Well, Fernando also asked us to press up, but it’s true that Rubén is introducing new things in the trainings, especially with the ball. The idea of him is coming to us and I think that over the weeks we will be able to capture it better. Maybe these are different styles, but we are excited so that on Sunday we can see what we work on.

Q: Is it an added pressure that adaptation to the style of the new coach in the middle of this losing streak of results?
A: It’s clear that the adaptation takes time and that we aren’t going to do everything that the coach wants to perfection, neither this weekend nor probably the next one. It will be a process from less to more, but we already had some ideas and there are some that remain. In Salamanca, in the first 20 minutes, there was a dominating Depor with new ideas. Each week it will be seen a little more.

Q: Are you worried for the lack of goal?
A: I think they will come. There are very good people in attack, but if you don't make chances you can't score goals. We are all guilty, so to speak, of not having goals. Surely through the game we begin to have more chances.

Q: Will they look for them in a different way now with De la Barrera than they did with Vázquez?
A: He’s introducing different things. Rubén is a coach that likes to press up, have the ball and steal early when we lose it. Surely, it’s going to be seen in these next matches.

Q: How is it to work with him?
A: He gives us a lot of information and I like it. He directs us very well and it’s true that he uses a vocabulary a little different from Fernando's, but everything is to adapt. He comes very excited and is very effusive, he puts you into each game. He will be very good for us.

Q: Has that different vocabulary surprised you?
A: Something may be new, but these are normal things. We have been playing football for a long time and we know everything he tells us.

Q: You know Compostela from last season in Tercera Division, has their performance surprised you this year?
A: In a way yes, but in the end the squad they have is good and the team they make up, above all, is what they have the best. They are almost the same players and they form a great group. They are a very difficult team to beat and the coach has been with them for a long time. We look forward to what Compostela has been doing in each game, a team with personality, that wants the ball and doesn’t shake the ball at its feet. They are very experienced and it will be very difficult.

Q: Did you expect at this point to see yourself below an outstanding leader other than yourself?
A: We knew it was going to be difficult and we are seeing that all teams have options in all games. Let's see how the weeks progress, because in addition to being so few games with a victory you already are up there. It’s something that happens in a short league, everyone has options until the end.

Q: Can we talk about finals in these two games against Compostela and Unionistas?
A: They are very important. If we add the six points, starting with the three points against Compostela, we will be up. I would not say that these are finals, but they are very important games, all of them. The three points this weekend are very important to be up again and begin to capture the coach's ideas.

Q: What did you think of playing in Zamora and Salamanca as the fields were?
A: I don't want to make excuses, but it was very difficult to play. The support was not good and changing direction cost a lot. It was taking a bit of football away.



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