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29 Jan 2021
Celso Borges responded to the criticism for the latest results of Deportivo. He admits that there are no excuses and that the team must move forward.

Celso Borges addressed the media on Thursday. He is the only player that’s talking to reporters during the week as the club decided to close the doors and avoid uncomfortable situations for the players. And the midfielder talked as one of the captains at the team.

He was admitting that the situation is complicated due to the fact that this is a short tournament, "It isn’t that calculations are made, but the margin has been reduced a lot. If it were a long tournament, these bad streaks are normal and eventually you take them out. But when the points are so urgent at specific times, there is no other way than to take it from Sunday to Sunday. We have the power to decide on our own, and as long as that possibility exists, we feel owners of what we are doing. We are looking forward to reversing the situation. We are waiting for the match so that we can wash away the image of the last matches. Each match is as a final in which, if we don’t put all our elements, we will not be able to achieve the objective.”

The Central American player also admitted that there are no excuses for seeing that the fans are disappointed, "We knew what we were getting into when we decided to come to Deportivo at this time. Obviously we have a responsibility that we cannot avoid, we must be humble and accept when we have not done things well. From there, to work hard. There are teams that do it. they have done better and they have beaten us. That’s the reality. "

The midfielder also confirmed that there was a meeting between the players after the game with SD Compostela, "The first thing was the union that you need to have. When you are not well or you don’t get results, everyone must be together. The conclusion is that we have to improve, that with this level that we are showing it isn’t enough. I already said during the summer, you don't win anything with a shirt. Now it makes perfect sense. In attitude and performance we have to take a step forward."

Finally, Borges responded to the criticism for been a normal starter despite the poor performance on the field, "I don't feel heavy, I am physically better than years ago. I feel very well. I prepare well and try to be as good as possible for each matchday. No one is irreplaceable at the beginning of the season. In the last games things didn’t work, but I like to play and help on the field."



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