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09 Feb 2021
Fernando Vidal and the board of directors resigned on Monday after a meeting with ABANCA.

The poor results of Deportivo are now dragging president Fernando Vidal and his board of directors. The major shareholder, ABANCA, informed last week that they were going to make a major facelift due to the poor results of the first team. And on Monday the bank and the board had a new meeting, ABANCA requested their resignation and hours later the board and the president offered a press conference and said that they are stepping out of the club.

If the press conference confirmed something is the big differences between the president and ABANCA regarding the management of Deportivo. Vidal explained the reason why he is leaving in a hurry, We were going to give this press conference tomorrow, because there was no training, but the major shareholders told us to do it today. Last week we received a call from ABANCA, and before there was a press release; they were talking about a major shift to the structure of the club. We didnt know about it, and at the time we were negotiating a major loan with the bank, later there was a meeting and they told us that the major shareholder wanted us to step back from the club. In other words, they showed the door out. Today there was a new meeting with ABANCA and we presented our resignation.

We are not resigning, we are stepping out, because they asked for it. The season is not over yet, its not going well, but its not over. We must accept the decision of the major shareholder, but we would want to happen in a different way, not to know about it after a press release. He continued with his complaint.

Vidal went further and explained that ABANCA wanted the exit of Fernando Vzquez since the defeat with Celta B and that he was the only one against the measure, "When we lost with Celta B, the board, the owner and the sporting management believed that the best thing was the dismissal of Fernando Vzquez, and I made my position available so that he would not be terminated. The commitment was to add four points in Zamora and Salamanca."

There was more, because Vidal said that ABANCA warned him about his friendship with former president Lendoiro, "For whatever reasons, it didnt seem that they liked my relationship with Augusto very much. I am older to have someone else choosing by friends, Augusto is a benchmark of Deportivo. I have a relationship with him and I will continue to have it, and its a subject that nobody imposes to me."

He was also defending sporting director Richard Barral, I have a great relationship with Richard Barral, he isnt the guilty one for what is happening, because a guilty person does things on purpose, and this isnt what he wanted. He was the right person to direct the market. When I landed here, I know that I wanted the team to be coached by Fernando Vzquez and to have Richard Barral as the sporting director.

We were close to reach the salvation during last season. Fernando Vzquez was my own bet, we were very close to do it, very close, but we misrely failed in the home game with Extremadura. I remind you that clubs that clinched the promotion to Primera lost a the Riazor, there were only ten points of difference with Elche, now we are here and Elche are at Primera Divisin. Later the case with Fuenlabrada, and we put the LFP against the ropes, we were very close to provoke the exit of Tebas, and right now we have three demands that remain open after the injustice against us. We faced the season at Segunda B with the hope of returning Depor to professional football. It was an important bet, but after thirteen matchdays, we are far away from the goal, very far and the board recognizes it. Things are complicated, but not impossible. I pray the team can wake up. He added.

Vidal ended sending a message to ABANCA, I send a message to ABANCA: we abide by the decision, but we would like the forms to be different. I give you my advice: its a company of feelings, its a way of life, its like a religion. I ask that the lawsuits against the LFP continue and that we can defend the club.




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