12 Feb 2021
Héctor Hernández conceded an interview to Deporte Campeón. The left-back defender talked of the current situation at Deportivo and his experience at the club.

Q: How is the changing room after seven straight games without winning?
A: Well, I think this squad is one of the best I've come across in my entire career, which has been quite a few, with my hand on my heart. There could very well be many egos on here. We are sharing a changing room with people who have been in Primera Division for many years, with World Cup players, people who have descended from Primera to Segunda and from Segunda to Segunda B. Players with a lot of baggage ... This changing room doesn’t deserve what it’s experiencing. We believe and trust that our time will come, it has to come.

Q: A streak that was prolonged with another very gray encounter in O Vao...
A: Yes, what is happening to us is not normal; This bad streak or bad dynamic has to end as soon as possible. I just arrived this year, but it’s time to put excuses aside. It’s useless to say if the team was defensive, if a different system was used under Fernando Vázquez, if Rubén I don't know what... We are aware that we are the ones to blame, we have to step up and say: "Here are the men, the real players and those of us who have to get the results." On Sunday we have to go out with the knife, because we have no other choice.

Q: Is so difficult to cope with the pressure of playing for this club?
A: Let's see, I'm new here, but I've already realized the dimension of this club, the fans it has and all that that entails. It’s true that we are under great pressure, but the pressure is for real men. In the field we have to show that there are no excuses and I, in the first person, tell you that you have to stop giving excuses and win. Nothing else.

Q: Is it possible to abstract from the institutional crisis and focus only on the pitch?
A: It isn’t normal that in three years we have had five presidents, that doesn’t equate to great stability for the club, but I don’t get involved there. We have to abstract from that, from all the criticism, from all the flattery... We have to go out on the field to win, because of the badge we wear on our chest and there is no nothing else. You hear this from a guy that has only been here for a year and that every time they give me the opportunity to play, at least I have to show my balls and run. I may be more successful or less, but running... come on, it's the least thing I can do.

Q: Due to your outgoing and dynamic character, do you consider yourself a bit the soul of the changing room?
A: Let's see, I do consider myself one of the veterans at the changing room, I'm going to be 30 years old and I've been through many teams, Primera and Segunda. I have many games in the Professional League. I consider myself a total team player; Play or not play I will always add, I will always contribute.

Q: How are you handling the great competition in your position?
A: It's good for the team, for me included, because I have to push myself, for Salva because he also has to push and for the team in general, because it is a benefit. There is a choice.

Q: Only a few weeks ago Adri Castro confessed that Deportivo's shirt didn’t weigh, but that it gives wings...
A: Make no mistake, Deportivo is a historic club of Spanish and European football. It isn’t just anybody. It has its things from the near past. I remember seeing this club against Milan in the Champions League. It isn’t that your shirt weighs you or that you fly with it. It's the pressure of years ago. Everything is temporary and I hope that one day Deportivo will return to the place it deserves. As soon as possible. Spanish football misses Deportivo in Primera. The derbies against Celta. To go to the Riazor and it’ one of the top ten Primera stadiums.

Q: The absence of fans is hurting you...
A: Man, I haven’t yet experienced the fans at home, but I have been a visitor many times and I would love to be with them. I am aware that right now they cannot be happy with us, but they feel Depor equally or more than us and they are the ones that give us wings.

Q: Do you notice a big difference between Fernando Vázquez and Rubén de la Barrera?
A: Each teacher has his booklet and despite not having had much with Fernando, his experience says it all. Rubén is another totally different booklet, each one has his own. I hope that Rubén will take us by the hand to the LFP.

Q: Did you feel that your return to the bench this season was unfair after your first league appearances?
A: What doesn’t depend on me doesn’t depend. I put everything I had inside of me against Unionistas and Coruxo. I have nothing against Vázquez or his staff. I don't know if it was unfair.

Q: Do you think it’s possible to win the five remaining games in the league?
A: The former coach said it the other today at his farewell; if there is a capable team to do it, it is ours. I am going to do my best and if there is a colleague who is not convinced, we are going to encourage him.

Q: Do you think Guijuelo will lock up like in the first round game?
A: Playing in Riazor is not the same, we will see another game.

Q: Is Depor still a candidate for promotion?
A: Depor is a candidate for everything, I put my hand on fire for this squad. It is 'top'.

Q: Do you dream of rooting here?
A: I am very happy here, enjoying my work. Hopefully I can retire at Depor.



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