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22 Feb 2021
A team without a plan B and that lacks goals has now passed from been a favorite to the promotion to be now worried with the relegation to the fifth tier.

1- Repeating the lineup: For the first time since his arrival, Rubén De La Barrera was repeating the lineup and also the system. A 4-3-3 with Lucho García at the goal and Rayco performing as a centre forward. It means the team is earning an identity, but still dealing with the same problems of the era with Fernando Vázquez, mainly the lack of goal and absence of a reaction when things aren’t working out.

2- Without a plan B: Deportivo weren’t playing a bad game until the local goal arrived, actually it was the side having the best opportunities. But the point is that there was no reaction to overcome the setback. It was like Deportivo didn’t have a plan B, like the fact of been trailing wasn’t part of the possibilities in the game. After the goal arrived, Deportivo simply disappeared from the pitch and only had a couple of opportunities at the end of the game.

3- Changes that don’t work: De La Barrera is now know for making late changes, and his modifications, apart from Borja Galán, usually don’t work, and this time it wasn’t different. Keko Gontán wasn’t able to create differences and even Borja Galán wasn’t able to create anything as it happened in the past two games, then the entry of Beauvue was a desperate measure that didn’t have any consequence.

4- The lack of goal kills Deportivo: Deportivo have now ended scoreless in six of the last seven games, that lack of goal is killing the aspirations of a team that has passed from been a favorite to promotion to be at the edge of the demotion to the fifth tier.

5- Bad decisions by the referee: It cannot be an excuse, but once again the bad decisions of the referee had an impact in the game of Deportivo. The rival had the double of yellow cards than Depor (4 v 2), but the hard game of Racing Ferrol should have deserved more punishment. Then the polemic play at minute 30, Villares drilled a pass to Rai, who was going to face the keeper one-on-one, but the referee whistled an inexistent offside.



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