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23 Feb 2021
New defeat for a Fabril that never knew how to seize their best moment. It allowed a goal at the end of the first part and never improved in the second.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón lost two starters from the previous games: Iván Guerrero and Manu Mosquera, both for injury reasons. Adri Castro was picked for the game, but he started on the bench. Javi Sanmartín started in attack as a “false 9”.

Pablo Brea was the starting keeper, Álvaro Pérez ‘Trilli’ covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, Juan Rodriguez and Álvaro Yuste played at the centre of the defence. The duo at midfield was composed by Álex Barba and Famoussa Kanouté Javi Sánchez attacked from the right wing, Álex Boedo did it from the left, Jorge Sarmiento was the playmaker and Sanmartín was the centre forward.

Third straight defeat for Fabril at Tercera División, the team is in relegation, but with two pending games. The lads were better in a large part of the first part, but later allowed the goal and were unable to react in the second half.

It was a hard game for Fabril. The rain turned the pitch (artificial grass) into a complicate surface in order to move the ball, in some sectors it was more like a flooded pitch. For that reason, CSD Arzúa was feeling more comfortable at the start of the meeting with their direct game.

And that’s why the locals had the first opportunities. The first chance in the game was for Iker Hurtado, who connected the ball from the edge of the area and Pablo Brea made the save (2’). And the second chance came at minute 13, Brais Pedreira fired a strong long-distance shot that passed close to the crossbar.

But Fabril started to gain control of the actions, they attempted their combinative game despite the poor conditions on the pitch. They were having long ball possessions and only lacked the last pass in order to create a scoring chance.

The sun came up and soon the lagoons on the pitch disappeared, so Fabril found better conditions in order to practice their game. Their first chance in the game came after a corner-kick, Álex Boedo found the ball at the edge of the area and his strong volley was deflected by local goalie Raúl Marqueta over the crossbar 32’).

The last fifteen minutes in the first part witnessed a more balanced game, despite the lagoons were gone, both teams were preferring to attack through the aerial game. Fabril had three corner-kicks without consequences, while CSD Arzúa were going to score at the last minute in a high cross that Vivito headed at the box past Pablo Brea.

The final part started with the same messy game of the last stretch in the first half. Fabril were too thick passing the ball and missed to create the opportunities, while CSD Arzúa felt better with their direct game. The rain returned at minute 55, but the pitch continued to be acceptable.

Javi Sánchez had the first clear chance to tie the game, he collected a short cross from the left, but his header went close to the far post (61’). Then Valerón made three changes, Pescador, Adri Castro and Iñigo Reinoso entered the pitch. These changes didn’t have a direct impact.

The last substitution as the entry of Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’. Fabril started to push and Boedo was close to score after collecting a loose ball at the right side of the area, but his strong shot was deflected by Marqueta (77’).

It seemed that Fabril realized that they were trailing until the last five minutes, because it was the moment when they put more pressure. They surrounded the local area without having any clear chance. Their best opportunity in this frame was a direct free-kick of Pescador that was an easy catch for Marqueta (90+4’). That action was a clear reflection of Fabril in this game: a team that had the ball, but that hardly created a good chance to score.

Arzúa Marqueta - Pedro Delgado, Queiruga, Tomé, Álex Vázquez - Santi Taboada, Vivito, Manu Casal (Iván García 87’), Brais Pedreira - Borja Míguez (Sergio Otero 50’), Iker.
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Pablo Brea – Trilli (Reinoso 66’), Yuste, Juan Rodríguez, Guille Bueno (Adri Castro 66’) – Álex Barba, Kanouté - Javi Sánchez, Sarmiento (Yeremay 77’), Boedo – Sanmartín (Pescador 66’).
Goal: 1-0: (43’) Vivito
Referee: Méndez López. He showed yellow card to Vivito (11’), Borja Miguez (30’), Javi Sanmartín (47’), Queiruga (39’), Juan Rodríguez (70’), Tomé (75’) & Álex Barba (82’).
Venue: O Vao.





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