28 Feb 2021
Esther Sullastres conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa. The goalkeeper of Depor Ladies talked of the delicate moment of the team in liga and how the squad is dealing with all the problems.

Q: Before matches like tomorrow's one, the topic of the finals tends to surface...
A: I personally don't like to talk about finals and in terms of the changing room, I think the message should be the same. In terms of numbers, you do need points, but you shouldn't come out with added pressure. What we want is to play our game without paying attention to anything else.

Q: Did the defeat against Betis cut short the growth of the team?
A: It was a bit of a disappointment, but seeing with a cold mind, Betis have no team to be down. Theyíve invested a lot and made good signings. It was a matter of time before things started to turn out for them. It was also a postponed match from the first round, which seems to be a bit cursed. The second got in a good way and we hope to continue the good run.

Q: There are sixteen games left, but at the same time few points have been added, how do you balance optimism with the reality of the team?
A: Right now, I donít see tension, but I do see overwhelm or frustration because things donít work out individually and collectively. Thatís perceived, obviously, because we are the last place. But the team faces day-to-day with positivism and with the desire to work. That's what makes the situation a little more enjoyable.

Q: Do you feel supported in this situation?
A: You see many messages of support from the fans and that encourages a lot, because Deportivo is a different club. The one who supports Depor is because they feel it, not because of something else. This is perceived and that makes me personally feel in a calmer environment to work and go out to compete without pressure. Itís very positive for the changing room.

Q: In this difficult situation, many have shown a very strong involvement even though they havenít been at the club for a long time...
A: You are immediately soaked by Depor when you arrive at the city. Itís impossible not to compromise with some colors and a historical badge. I really like the history of football and for me itís incredible to be able to play at the Riazor, for example.

Q: How do you experience the whole situation in which the club is immersed?
A: It's sad. I signed last season, when the team had just lost a playoff to Primera Division, and now you see them fighting not to go down to the third division. Itís very sad. And it isnít only that, because I speak of my period, imagine the people who have seen the league won ... Itís a historic club that you see in danger. The word is sadness.

Q: Does that carry over to day to day?
A: You always try to focus on work and escape, but it's true that Abegondo looks empty and desolate. It was very nice to fill the stands every weekend, a point very in our favor. People lived it and you trend to grow up, it was a very positive public-squad connection. You go to other places and depending on the community there is public. Everything makes it a strange and uneven league in that sense, because football is not a thing of the eleven that play, everything influences. Then in the day to day you see that the sporting city is empty, that we are training alone.

Q: Has everything come together this season: the pandemic, the absence of public and the change of cycle at n the team?
A: I think so, but I don't like to make excuses for anything. I am the first to say that we deserve to be where we are, but the success of last year is combined, with what implies that players are leaving, with the situation of the club, which cannot make signings to maintain the level. Not only that, but the signings also have to reconvert into positions they werenít used to. Added to all this is the pandemic situation. That's why I say itís a rare league. We are where we are because we deserve it, because things donít work out and we have allowed a lot of goals. The position at the standings isnít unfair, but a lot has come together. It is not known what would have happened if the league had continued last year, because maybe we finished eighth instead of fourth and you no longer attract so much attention.

Q: Was it difficult for the team to assimilate the less beautiful side of football after two successful seasons?
A: I don't know how each one deals with it on the inside, but on the outside we take it with positivism. Every week is new, and I see it. Obviously, there are people who were only used to winning, especially those who came from promotion, not losing any game in Segunda Division, how it was last year... It may have happened, but there are also veteran players who knew the other side. Alba [Merino] has also experienced relegations and injuries; Peke too.

Q: Did you understand that the team couldnít be rebuilt due to the club's situation or did you feel discriminated against in some way?
A: I personally am aware that the priority is men and that if they go wrong, disappear or suffer a relegation, we are behind. Apart from the frustration, the helplessness or how I may feel, it is understandable, if thereís an income, it goes to them. Hopefully one day we depend on ourselves and we don't have to be like this.

Q: Did you assume that reinforcements would not arrive in the winter market?
A: It was assimilated and there was a lot of talk regarding that we would have to move forward with what we already had. We have been aware since pre-season that the cards are there and you have to play with them.

Q: How have you received the new board?
A: I don't think it influences in the sporting subject, at least in our case, but hopefully it will help us to go on a better path globally. When these changes occur, you always hope they are for the better.

Q: Do you think about the future of the club and the team a lot?
A: Obviously, it worries and you ask yourself many questions. You don't know what will happen and if it will affect you. Itís a delicate subject, but I like to focus on the day to day. From my own experience I don't think it is of much use, because you eat your head with the hypotheses and unanswered questions.

Q: You renewed until 2022...
A: I would like to stay here and achieve permanence. I signed those years, because I believe that Deportivo is a club that allows me to grow and I would love for the project to become competitive again.

Q: A relegation would affect the team and you all have ambition...
A: This is becoming more and more professional and we are talking about a professional league, with all that that implies. It's still up in the air, but it looks like it's going that way. Obviously, I would like to be there, because I see myself with the level, and I would love to be with Depor.



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