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03 Mar 2021
The new president of Deportivo offered his first press conference. The club won’t make changes before ending the season and Couceiro said that the base of the project will continue to be located at the academy.

Antonio Couceiro addressed the media on Tuesday. The new president of Deportivo conceded his first press conference after been named three weeks ago. He talked of the delicate situation of the male and female team, while he assured that the base of the project is the academy. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

The crisis of the first team: "It’s the worst situation in history, but the Deportivismo needs to have peace of mind, because continuity is guaranteed. We have the support of the maximum shareholder. The only thing that has to worry us is the sporting situation. Supporting the coaching staff and players as a single athlete to get all the possible points and speed up the promotion options. We must try to end in the best position to start building the future. You have to go for the nine points and not think that the competition ends here. The season continues and we must remember that the players have our full support.”

Depor Ladies: “It’s a solid project. It doesn't have to change whatever happens this season. If someone bet it was not only Depor, but also Abanca. I want to send a message of tranquility, of continuity in the line of the men's team. We depend on what happens to envision the future. But the basic commitment to the best Galician players, to retain talent to the extent of economic possibilities... Barça multiplies our budget by ten. Training of the best Galician players and complete with outstanding footballers that allow us to compete in Primera Iberdrola or, if there’s relegation, return to the highest level as soon as possible."

Richard Barral: "We aren’t going to make any imminent decisions. When we finish, we will make the best decision. Today, everyone has our support. We aren’t going to make any imminent decision. None of the changes could influence the results of the remaining three games or the next six. I want to send a message of stability in the sporting area. What we have is what we are going to end up with."

De La Barrera: “He is a coach for the future. He is young, brave, creative and bordering on disruptiveness. I would ask the Deportivismo to support him, he has a magnificent profile to reverse the situation and our bet would be in the medium term.”

The board of directors: "It will be a non-executive Council. We will not have exclusive dedication. As it is a professional council, there will be remuneration, so we will have to change the statutes. I will not have remuneration this season. We are going to act like the vast majority of the boards of directors, establishing the great management frameworks. Executive responsibility will rest with a first executive, right now in the CEO David Villasuso, and from there, we will have a professional structure that will make day-to-day decisions. We have to be professional and design the best possible organization and then let them work and try to have as little influence as possible. You have to try not to be influenced by specific pressures."

The financial situation of the club: “The economic situation is very delicate and if there wasn’t a major shareholder who was committed and didn’t provide financial support, it would not be viable."

The war against Tebas: " The idea is very clear. It’s a case that is in court. Deportivo is represented as an affected part. The situation is in justice, it will take its procedures and this council will defend the interests until the last consequences. But we have to adopt the position of trying to improve the club's relationship in all areas, regardless of the Fuenlabrada case. We need to have the best possible institutional relations, with the League and with the Federation."

The base of the project is the academy: “The great pending subject of Deportivo is to bet on the academy. That is going to require investments. If we want to lay the foundations for a club based in the academy, we must be patient. We are lucky to have Fran, Valerón or Manuel Pablo. We must always give priority to internal promotion. I am convinced that it will be the key to Deportivo's future. One of the measures that we want to approve is to guarantee that a percentage of the academy will be present in the first men's team. The opinions that I have gathered from those responsible are that we have players of great talent and with a great future. We have to try to retain and promote them effectively.”

The next board of directors: "We are going to convene a council immediately to set the date. The intention is to take place at the beginning of April. We cannot advance anything about the accounts, because they have been signed by the outgoing council. For reasons of the pandemic, it will be virtual and it will be necessary to establish a procedure that allows the orderly participation of the shareholders.”



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