03 Mar 2021
Rayco Rodríguez conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS. The recently promoted attacker from Fabril talked of his career, his adaptation to the first team and the offensive problems at Deportivo.

Q: How are you after the defeat in A Malata, which arrived after finally winning a game?
A: It isn’t easy. The week is complicated, but we have to look forward to adding the next three points.

Q: And does everything get longer when the next game is fifteen days later?
A: I think it's an advantage, because we can prepare for the match against Pontevedra with more time. We can give more importance to what we have to improve.

Q: This week De la Barrera has insisted a lot on defensive work despite the goal deficit you have...
A: You have to improve in everything, on the defensive and offensive side. We are clear that with a clean sheet, you don’t lose and you have the victory one goal away. The important thing is to keep the clean sheet, the goals will come.

Q: In Ferrol you didn’t have arrivals and also the team fell apart after conceding the 1-0.
A: We are having that problem, that lack of reaction after receiving a goal. You also have to work on that, know how to compose ourselves in a match. We are missing things, but I’m sure we will achieve the goal.

Q: How do you fix that problem with the goal?
A: It’s true that we aren’t having that fortune before the goal, because we are creating chances. If we didn't generate, it would be more of a problem. But it’s clear that we have to generate more opportunities, so some will enter for sure. You have to improve in attack, the goal will come.

Q: And if you score, how would you celebrate it?
A: I am a very impulsive guy. If I score a goal, to see what I get. I hope not to score one, but a few.

Q: What is the goal of Depor, because there’s already panic with a new relegation?
A: We know it's there, but we don't think about it. We think about beating Pontevedra and then adding as many points as possible. We have to win games and then we'll look at the rest of the results. All we want is to win next weekend and then the other two.

Q: The need to win doesn’t end, because the points also count for the next phase.
A: Of course. Points are important for the next phase. Depor is a competitive team and they always want to fight for everything. These three games will mark our future. The one of the club, players, coaching staff, fans... We are indebted to the fans and we work to give them joy and we will try until the end of the season.

Q: There is a lot of talk about mental block and Héctor also commented that the players took time to realize what Segunda B was. You come from Fabril and mentally fresh. How do you perceive all this?
A: Those of us who have just arrived are now trying to give the team some freshness, that capacity for pressure, speed, desire, work, dispute... We come from a lower league, but we only have to adapt quickly. We try to contribute the maximum.

Q: Do you perceive that same joy and freshness at the changing room?
A: The changing room, trust me, is very close. There are good vibes, we are companions and friends. It’s true that the situation doesn’t help, but we try to face it in the best possible way. To bring joy in order to reach the weekend and win the game. They have welcomed me in an incredible way.

Q: What does the team need to break free?
A: We need to win now, but also win well. Do it with that authority that Deportivo must have. Fundamentally we are going to try to win whatever it is, but if we manage to do it well, then it will give the team that encouragement that the team needs.

Q: In the last game you had to play as 'nine'. How is it there?
A: I have played in all attacking positions and I can adapt to anyone. I will play where the coach needs me. I come from below and I come to play in any position. I will try to give my best performance for the well-being of the team.

Q: Where are you more comfortable, on the wing or in front?
A: I had always played as a left winger, last year at Polvorín, I did it on the right and now as a forward. For comfort, I like to move freely, to appear inside, outside... But I adapt to what is asked.

Q: Speaking of Polvorín, let's go back to its past. What day did you know or decide that you were going to be a footballer?
A: I have been playing football since I was three. I left home, from Las Palmas, at the age of 18 to go to Betis B and that's when I made myself that hope. When I said to myself, maybe I can make a living from this. I love football. I watch football everyday. In fact, I fight with my girlfriend because she doesn't let him watch TV, only football. If in the end I am not a footballer, I am clear that my work is going to be something related to football, it is what I am passionate about.

Q: With the school at the Canary Islands, why did you have to leave?
A: In the end it is Seville, which is not bad. I got that opportunity and I took it. It was a stage in which I was very happy. Both for the city and for Betis, who were incredible with me. Later I was training in other teams until I ended up in this great club, Deportivo.

Q: And before Depor, Lugo B. How did it go?
A: Colder than here [he laughs]. It was two years, very good. In the second year I adapted better to the league. Then the opportunity at Fabril came up and I came delighted. As a child I used to watch Depor at home with my grandfather and now I play for this club. It's a privilege. I am delighted.

Q: And what is it for a canary to arrive at Fabril and meet Valerón and Manuel Pablo?
A: Imagine... I had them as references, watching them on television how they treated the ball. They have helped and supported me a lot. I take his advice with me forever. They have been important to me, maybe without them I wouldn’t be in the first team. I thank them for their trust.

Q: Do you notice a lot the change from Valerón to De la Barrera?
A: They are two football fans and they are very similar, but in the end they are different. Each one has their own personality. El Flaco is calmer, he transmits football to you in a different way. Rubén is more intense, a more aggressive character that makes you get into the game with that intensity.

Q: And your future, because the contract ends in June?
A: Yes, I have until the end of the season, but I am delighted to be here. I like the city, I like the club, I like the fans… I am going to give my best and it will be decided, I am delighted.




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