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12 Mar 2021
Striker Miku confessed that the team is no longer thinking of the promotion playoff, because it was hurting the team. Instead, they want to focus in going game after game. He also explained his injuries on this season.

Miku addressed the media on Thursday. He was explaining his situation with the injuries, "I am very sad about this issue with the injuries. If you review my career, I had always been used to playing every three days. Champions, Europa League, I was used to play seventy games per season without injuries. Last year the league was suspended where I was. Then I was here and I came without doing any football for six months. Although I had been training on my part, but it's not the same. Two days later I started training with the group and then I got injured. Later, because of me, I tried to come back early, I had a strong relapse and almost broke my tendon. I hope everything is fine now."

The Venezuelan striker explained how he felt after been a starter against Pontevedra CF, "I felt good, but I wasn't ready to play the full game, I had already discussed it with the coach. I was even going to play less, but I felt good on the field and the team needed a way to play, that's why I stayed a little longer. Was it my best game? At least it was the one in which, physically, I have been better.”

Then he explained how the team is living the current situation at the standings, “I've always been a very ambitious person, it goes with me. I see the group focused, but now it isn’t incurring as in the beginning of the year, time when we were talking about how the promotion playoff was going to be, when it would be... Although it sounds cliché, we are going game by game. We are looking at how to add the three points this Sunday and the coach has been very emphatic about that. He asked us to stop making calculations, looking up or down. At the beginning of the year, we were very aware of that and it was damaging."

He was also comparing Fernando Vázquez and Rubén De La Barrera, "I feel that with Rubén the team has acquired different automatisms compared to Fernando. And that takes time. I am not the one to judge whether one is better than the other, because in football anything is worthy. They are different views at the moment of preparing the games. Fernando has a lot of experience, but he has a long-standing way of coaching that is ingrained in his way of thinking. This has gone well for him and he wasn’t going to change it. They both want the best for Depor, both feel this badge.”

Finally, Miku talked of the upcoming visit to Celta B, "All games have their difficulties. Every weekend is a war. "Chaining two victories in a row is going to be good for the team to continue to free itself. We have tremendous potential, but we haven’t been able to bring it out all year long."



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