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18 Mar 2021
Captain Álex Bergantiños knows that the fans are anxious to return to Primera, but that before the club needs stability to build a serious project.

Álex Bergantiños addressed the media on Wednesday as the first team returned to train. He analyzed the current good moment of the team and how the project of the club should evolve in order to succeed. The following is a summary of the things he said. 

The good run of the team: "Right now we want there to be as many games as possible. We don't feel that this is over, for us there are seven games left. It’s important to add, either to distance Numancia, the strongest team in the other subgroup that’s already out, or if we manage to enter as the third place. This format is like that, but the feeling of the squad is that we wish the league was longer and we could go further with this performance."

The future of the club: "The way to grow and get out of this situation, both economically, which is still complicated, and sportingly, is with a little stability. That the whole city, everything that surrounds the club, has a little patience. We would all like to return to Primera in a year, two years... but things take time. We need stability; it’s something that helps the players who are there at all times. This year it was difficult for us to take on the project, to have patience at certain times, but nobody achieves the objectives in ten days. Hopefully we are in time to enter the promotion phase and, if not, secure the place at the third tier and give time to everything. That the pandemic is normalized, that we can see the Riazor full and that the project is stabilized. Both economically and socially we have to be united and need patience at all levels. We come from too many years of many wars, movements, not knowing at what level to settle after the glorious years we have had. It’s difficult to have stability, to know which is our place. And sometimes hitting rock bottom like now, it can be the slap that involves getting back together, going hand in hand and reaching the potential that our club and our city have, which can be important."

The game Vs. Zamora FC: “It’s very important to add, but it’s difficult because we don’t depend on ourselves. But on here we are specialist is seeing weird things. Let’s see if we have some luck.”

The team avoided a double relegation: " double relegation is something I prefer not to think about. It was hard. We have saved a very critical moment and now let's see how far we can go. At least a new Segunda B.”

The supreme court ordered to investigate the cops that arrested you: "I have read the news in some media, but nobody has told me anything. I imagine that it’s something internal that they had to investigate, I already said that I had nothing to hide and that I had a clear conscience. It seems strange to me how everything happened, and it seems to me good that they investigate it. And that, if someone acted outside the law and without respecting my rights, if there are responsibilities, they should pay."

The club has stated they want to normalize the relation with the LFP: "I totally agree. Depor need to have good relations with all levels of football and non-football, it must be an exemplary entity. That doesn’t avoid the fact that it’s necessary to investigate what happened here with Fuenlabrada. And above all with the people involved, those who made the decisions. Give explanations and if there are responsibilities, abide by the consequences. If things have been done in bad faith, or rights have been violated... these are things that have to go their way. But of course, relations with the estates have to be good even if there are people who may have acted badly at some point.”



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