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20 Mar 2021
Depor Ladies defender Cris Martínez conceded an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeón. She talked of the situation of the team at liga Iberdrola and the improvement of the team after a poor start.

Q: Last Sunday, against Rayo, was it your most complete game of the season?
A: I think so. It was a game in which everything worked out for us. If it wasn't the best, surely was one of the best of the season.

Q: Why did Manu Sánchez decided to line up a defense of three centre-backs?
A: In the match in Madrid, against Rayo, they had taken that approach out of us so we tried to cover their lanes in that way and also attack with more people at the top, which lately we were having a hard time reaching the other side of the field, it was to help the forwards. In the end, Rayo didn’t use any of the two systems that Manu was shuffling, but we were ready to face whoever they had taken.

Q: How did you find yourself playing as a full-back? Do your roles change from a defense of four women?
A: We had discussed it during the week. Manu asked us for our opinion of how we saw it, because he wanted to use a system where we felt comfortable. We talked to him during the week and in the end, he was right because we were good. I like this system, depending on the opponent, because it gives me more freedom to go up in attack and to get inside. I felt comfortable.

Q: You move more and more through central positions, breaking inside and even exercising at specific moments as a midfielder. For what is this?
A: In many training sessions, I end up getting inside and make the mistake of going back to the outside. Manu always encourages me to stay there and go inside with total freedom once I'm inside. It’s Manu who encourages me to do it.

Q: The 3-0 allowed you to win the goal average against Rayo. Did you remember that during the game?
A: I am always reminding my teammates, because we have already won it against Rayo, Santa Teresa and Eibar, teams that are close to us. It's something I had in mind. Manu hadn't told us about it during the week, but he told us at half-time. And when Rayo began to push in the final minutes, we talked among ourselves to make ourselves see how important it was to win the goal average.

Q: Against Rayo, the improvement in the physical section, that had already been seen in previous games, was evident. How much of this is helping for the progression of the team?
A: It’s important. A few games ago, both Lucía and Nacho focused on the physical part, who are the ones in charge of that, and it is paying off. We will try to continue in that line, which is giving us the extra thing that we lacked.

Q: Depor Ladies are still on the relegation, but it’s alive after a start to forget. What is the recipe that has allowed you to start moving up?
A: We try to change the way we see things and work. Something had to change although many of the results throughout the season had been losses with a narrow score and, therefore, it wasn’t necessary to obsess. Maybe we lacked that plus, we tried to change a little and we are doing better.

Q: Was there a turning point?
A: I could not tell you if there was a specific moment, but when we won in Eibar after so many defeats in a row, we realized that it was possible. We realized that it had been difficult for the great clubs to win in that field and we saw that we had to keep fighting not to be relegated.

Q: Manu commented several times that he has changed many aspects throughout the season to try to find the key. Which of these changes have worked for you?
A: The change in the physical aspect. And it also happened to us that we tried to play like last year and we lack certain players without whom we may not be able to play like that anymore. This season we have to adapt to the rival and find the best solution in each game. That’s the difference. Last year we played with our system and with our idea and everything worked out and this year we have to adapt more specifically to the rival and the game.

Q: In what mood is the changing room?
A: After the victory on Sunday, we are very happy but we are aware that this weekend we have a difficult game and we play something important, because afterwards we have more difficult games. This weekend you have to win and we are already focused on that. The happiness of the weekend before is already put aside.

Q: How did you mentally manage the start of the league with so many losses in a row and the ankle injury that kept you out for several weeks?
A: It was complicated. You don’t imagine that the season is going to happen like this. And also, in a week-long training session in which I was feeling very well, I injured my ankle and was out for several games. I only had to encourage and contribute what I could from the outside.

Q: Did it take a long time to regain your form and confidence?
A: I had to stop for a month due to the injury but in the end, it took a little longer, because I had something similar to a relapse. And on a physical level, both Andrea and Álvaro, who are the physiotherapists, always give you a boost in your recovery so that you can be almost one hundred percent when you play again.

Q: It gives the feeling that you feel more comfortable defending forward, pressing. Is that so?
A: Yes. Last year we defended like this, pressing all the time and together, but this year it was hard for us to find the key. Sometimes we waited for the rival, but in this last game we went to press up. I feel more comfortable defending like this, forward.

Q: Two recent games in Abegondo with a small representation of the fans and two victories. Is it a coincidence?
A: It's not by chance. When there are people in Abegondo it is noticed. It motivates us and you can hear them. Hopefully more people can come, because it helps us a lot. Last year in the first matches Abegondo was bursting and that helped us achieve what we achieved.

Q: What kind of game do you expect on Sunday in Las Gaunas and what Logroño do you expect?
A: I expect a game similar to the one in the first round (2-1 victory in Abegondo). At the weekend I was able to see their game against Sevilla and I think we can plan a good game and solve it like the one last weekend. We play on a large, natural grass field like Abegondo and we have to try to take advantage of it to play our game.

Q: After Logroño comes the hardest part of the calendar (Real Madrid, Atlético and Barcelona). What would you consider good in those three games?
A: Real Madrid have to come home, and I hope their players come too happy after the last victories and get a surprise. Afterwards, the two visits are very complicated, but we have to improve the aspects that we have to improve and try to add the three points as in any game.

Q: Iris commented at the press conference prior to the game against Rayo that she didn’t understand why people said that permanence was difficult. Is it the general feeling of the group?
A: Iris is one of the captains and she is the one who has to show her face and spirit for all of them. Many teams are down there and just like us we had a bad streak, others may have it at the end. There is nothing decided. It will be tried to the end, and I am sure we will achieve the permanence, just like Iris said.

Q: Were you surprised that you weren't chosen as one of the four captains? [Depor announced at the beginning of the course the four captains were going to be Iris, Alba Merino, Gaby and Patri López]
A: To be honest, it did surprise me not to be. I've been here since the beginning and I think I have a commitment to the team and the club. Whoever decided that way would have their reasons, but I suppose that for my colleagues I would be one of the candidates. Apart from this, I am very proud of the four captains that I have.

Q: Against Madrid CFF you wore the armband. Was it the first time in an official match?
A: Maybe I wore it in a Cup match or sometime throughout a match after a captain left the field.

Q: What does it mean for you to be the second player to perform for 100 official matches with Depor?
A: I told my teammates and coaching staff when they gave me the shirt that I am very happy and grateful to Depor for giving me this opportunity. I played in a very humble team and might not have continued playing football at the end of the race if it weren't for Depor.

Q: You have a contract until 2022. Are you subject to continuing at Primera?
A: I suppose that everything would have to be discussed, but right now I trust to continue at Primera Division with Depor.

Q: You are the only one who has remained at the first team since its creation. Is it something that creates an extra responsibility for you?
A: No. Kika and Gaby also arrived the first year and many arrived the second. We are a very good group and the fact of having arrived at the beginning does not give me more responsibility.

Q: Do you feel that you are the one who has to transmit to the new ones what Depor is?
A: It's not just me. We have to do it among all those who have been with us the longest. As soon as they arrive, the new players already know what Depor is and the values that are transmitted here.




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