26 Mar 2021
Lucho GarcŪa conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS; the goalkeeper talked of the good moment lived by Deportivo and what to expect for the weekend.

Q: Is this 15-day break getting too long?
A: Everything is going very well. The group is working very well and the feelings are very good. I see the team very involved to go with everything on Sunday.

Q: After two victories in a row, I suppose that what you wanted was to play now...
A: You have to adapt. Regardless of stopping or not, we are focused and very focused on Sunday's game.

Q: Two victories that have launched the team and multiplied the options that almost no one had.
A: When the results are positive, everything changes for the better. Winning those two games in a row, together with the one against Guijuelo, has helped us to consolidate a job that wasnít supported by the results. Now it is happening. I think the team played an excellent game in Vigo and we are motivated for the final this Sunday.

Q: Do you think the team has freed itself from that pressure that has been so heavy since the beginning of the season?
A: I don't know whether to call it liberation or not. There will always be pressure, because against Pontevedra we were gambling to get into that dangerous area, against Celta there was also pressure and this Sunday against Zamora there will also be. You have to assume it and go out for everything.

Q: So the secret is to focus that pressure well?
A: Of course, you have to do it, always.

Q: Do you notice that the team is happier?
A: I have been seeing a different feeling for several weeks. In intensity, in the faces of the teammates, the concentrationÖ I think the coach has managed to ensure that we are all involved, those of us who play and those who donít, in being all together for one goal. That isnít easy and I think we are on that.

Q: It cost the coach. The first victory didnít come until their fifth game...
A: I think the coach arrived very excited, motivated and has always worked the same way. He has always been clear with us on everything, he gives details and is very clear during training. If the victory didnít come out earlier, it wasn't because of him, it was because of us. I think now we are doing well, and we are going to die with everything for the game this Sunday.

Q: What is it like to finally have a quiet victory like the one you achieved against Celta B?
A: In Vigo I really enjoyed myself. I saw a team with personality that on the first play was already shooting at the rival goal. It was a final, we went to die and I think that it was reflected in the result. It is not liberating ourselves, but the team played with an added confidence and that daring behavior that we didnít have in other games.

Q: The rivalry that exists with Celta also came out...
A: Yes of course. When I came here, I already knew the rivalry with Celta. In fact, I made some statements before the game as I said that "we had to burst them." When I arrived at Barreiro many fans, obviously, made comments defending their club; it's understandable. It isnít necessary to give importance to it. I said that we had to burst them regardless of whether it was Celta, Zamora or whatever, you had to leave that way.

Q: I suppose you will be very satisfied in particular. Four games as a starter, three victories, a single goal conceded...
A: Iím very happy for the opportunity, grateful to God and the coach for giving me this opportunity. I am like in the dream of a little boy who is now being given things. I am more than happy, excited and very motivated.

Q: You were a rare case when you made your league debut just days after breaking your nose. How's it going?
A: Yes, it was a bit surreal. I didnít play with my nose well and I just break it and days later I played. The medical staff and the coach told me that I could play, and it was a joy to be able to help the team. Especially because the victory was achieved against Guijuelo. As the games go by, I feel much more confident. I think I'm in a good moment.

Q: Who did you remember when they announced that you were going to be the starter?
A: Of many people. Hard times are when you really see your friends and supportive people. I remembered my parents, my partner, my friendÖ of all the people who, when I was sad, gave me a voice of encouragement and reminded me of the person and the goalkeeper that I am.

Q: With the team in relegation and without playing, did you ever wonder what I have done coming to Deportivo?
A: I wouldn't say that I was wondering why I signed... It was a difficult time, a complicated situation, but that is what makes you grow. It has made me grow a lot. Be patient, work harder even if things don't work outÖ I think I'm living proof that when you do things well, when you work, you have hope and faith, God and life put you in your place.

Q: Only one goal conceded in four games, you would be satisfied...
A: I am happy and very excited. You see all the work I've done. I had a difficult time and seeing these results is gratifying. It is not to relax, it is to continue working. To work three times and continue helping the team. But this is not just me, it belongs to everyone. It is not because Lucho is playing. It's because the defense is good, focused, they only create a few opportunities... With the team like this I will receive few goals.

Q: This week it's the league with the obligation to win and the calculator on.
A: We know that the main thing is to win or game. We have to prepare well and think about Zamora, Zamora and Zamora. If we don't win, the rest is useless. We have to do our homework and then we'll see.

Q: What are you waiting from Zamora?
A: I think they are going out to die, or so I take it. Itís the best way of thinking so as not to relax and that thoughts that may be wrong come to you.

Q: Where will the key to this match?
A: You need to have respect, itís there for something. They have done a good job during the season and thatís why they are leaders. You have to be focused and do what we've been working on all week. You need to go out motivated and show from the beginning that we are going for them, that there is no fear.

Q: Do you have faith that you will finish the day in the top three?
A: Yes, a lot. I am convinced that things will happen, that words will come true.

Q: Will you be aware of the other fields?
A: The first thing is us, our duties, to die in it. Then, when it's over, we'll look at the rest. We depend on what Deportivo do and then, if God wants, we move on to the next round, and it will be welcomed.

Q: Do some self-criticism. What should be improved?
A: I believe everything. I just turned 23 last weekend and I am very young. I absolutely must improve in everything. Every day I try to be a better goalkeeper and a better person to grow.

Q: What goalkeepers are your references?
A: I look at many. Peter Cech was always a reference for me, Buffon, Iker Casillas... I always try to look at their decision-making, what they do or their positive aspects and then apply them to me.

Q: Now the goalkeepers have to play a lot with their feet...
A: Yes, over the years the goalkeeper has been much more involved in the game, at the start of the plays with the ball. The coach is proof of this, he gives us a lot of prominence in that. He wants us to participate and that the ball, if possible, comes from behind. He gives us confidence and tools to do it and create spaces.

Q: And they even score goals, as Bono did this weekend, his former teammate. Will it not be necessary against Zamora?
A: Yes, this weekend Bono scored a goal, with whom I was at Sevilla. And also there was one of Betis B at the last minute. Hopefully I don't have to do like Bono and we win well against Zamora. But if one day it has to happen, you have to be prepared for everything.

Q: How do you plan your personal future?
A: My head since I arrived to A CoruŮa is to leave a mark here. To demonstrate that all my work can help the team get to where it needs to be.

Q: Making a mark takes time. Does that mean that you only think about continuing at Depor regardless of what happens?
A: This club gave me his confidence and I have always had faith in it. I know this is a big project, a big club with a very large group of fans. I know the ambition is to go back to Primera, where we want to spend many years and made history. Regardless of whether Depor stays in Segunda B or not, I will continue to think about staying and helping.

Q: If everything turns out well this season, how will you celebrate it?
A: First with my mom, who has always been there. In difficult moments, in the good, in the badÖ. First a kiss to her and then, the companions and the fans, who deserve it very much. They have had a very bad time. And also with the coach, who had a bad time at the beginning and now the good results are coming. The people of A CoruŮa deserve good things to happen to them.



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