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30 Mar 2021
A new failure in the recent story of Deportivo. The team failed to clinch the promotion to Segunda A, now the goal for the remaining of the season is to stay at the third tier for next campaign. The details of the second round are already available.

The miseries of Deportivo continue. On Sunday it was confirmed that the team will not be promoted to Segunda División A after failing to qualify among the first three places in the first round at Segunda B. It was the result of the poor planning of a club that didn’t have a clear sporting guide, the consequence of a new failure by Richard Barral, who was directing the project during the last demotion at Primera, and that was brought back to end failing again due to his limited view of the league.

But the biggest “villain” is ex-president Fernando Vidal. He came as the savior after the terrible administration of Paco Zas, and he left by the back door without improving the situation. Actually, things went worse, because not only the first ream is stuck, but Depor Ladies is at the edge of demotion, while Fabril were about to suffer a double demotion after losing its best players during the last week of the winter window.

The problem for the failure in the first round was the big hole at the middle of the tournament. Depor and Fernando Vázquez started without convincing, but at the same time the team was clinching the results. Deportivo were undefeated after the first seven matchdays, it had added 15 points and was the leader of the subgroup.

But then it came the toxic defeat at home against Celta B (1-2), it was the last liga game in 2020 and it turned to be really damaging. After it Depor were going to spend five games without winning, Vázquez was sacked in the middle and Rubén De La Barrera arrived. It wasn’t easy for him to lift the team and the Blanquiazul outfit even established a mark of 538 minutes without goals in liga. Things were fixed in the last stretch with Depor adding 12 of the last 15 points in dispute, but it wasn’t enough as Depor ended one point below Celta B, Unionistas and Zamora CF.

In the second round of the tournament at Segunda B, Depor will play at the intermediate subgroup of group one (officially called group 4A). It is composed by the 4th, 5th and 6th places of both subgroups. These six clubs drag the points, goals and results of the first round, so the starting points is:

place team points GF GA
1 Deportivo 29 14 10
2 Racing Ferrol 27 22 17
3 Numancia 25 23 14
4 Compostela 25 20 16
5 Langreo  25 21 20
6 Marino 22 18 22

The only goal of these six clubs is to stay at the third tier of Spanish football, which on next season is going to be called Primera RFEF. Only the top two clubs will achieve that goal, while the other four clubs will suffer the demotion to the fourth tier, which will be called Segunda RFEF on next season.

The Spanish Federation didn’t want to extend the season due to the pandemic, for this reason the teams that were together in the same subgroup won’t face each other again. Each team will only play two games (home and away) against the three clubs from the other subgroup. This means Deportivo will only face CD Numancia, UP Langreo and Marino de Luanco in the next six weekends. So, the intermediate group is only having six matchdays and the season 2020/21 for the six clubs is ending on May 9.

The calendar of Deportivo in the intermediate group:
Matchday 01: Apr/04/2021: Deportivo v Marino Luanco
Matchday 02: Apr/11/2021: UP Langreo v Deportivo
Matchday 03: Apr/18/2021: Deportivo v CD Numancia
Matchday 04: Apr/25/2021: Marino Luanco v Deportivo
Matchday 05: May/02/2021: Deportivo v UP Langreo
Matchday 06: May/09/2021: CD Numancia v Deportivo



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