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01 Apr 2021
Goalkeeper Lucho García admitted that the team is disappointed for not clinching the promotion, now he believes the team needs to feel excited in order to guarantee the continuity at the third tier.

Lucho García addressed the media on Wednesday. He was admitting the disappointment for not clinching the promotion, and says that the team needs to focus in he new goal, “We are left with a bittersweet teste in the mouth for not being able to qualify and attempt the promotion. We have been doing a spectacular job and it has been a shame. But I am one of those who think that it’s time to get excited about what we have in our hands, to go up to the Pro [third tier]. You have to focus on the day to day and get excited about each game that comes. Assume the responsibly and give everything for this goal."

In this sense, the keeper believes the team won’t face the last six games on the season with relaxation, "We don't have to relax, because there is a lot left. Six vital games are coming for us. I don't think the relaxation exists. We had the hope of fighting for the promotion, but now we have another objective, a change of situation and we have to focus on getting as many points as possible.”

Lucho García also said that the current advantage of points shouldn’t influence in their attitude, "Vertigo and pressure have always existed during the season. We represent a great club and there’s always responsibility. Regardless of what we play. We have a certain margin, but that does not have to influence us. We have to increase that advantage. and with the passing of the results, it will be played with more or less liberation. But for now, we don't have to play with that. We start a league from scratch. " 




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