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04 Apr 2021
Depor’s coach is content with the evolution of the team and wants to be focused in staying at the Primera RFEF. Marino’s coach was remembering his stage as a Depor’s player and knows that his team has nothing to lose.

In the Easter Week and, taking advantage that Depor were training at the Riazor, coach Rubén De La Barrera talked to reporters on Thursday. He analyzed the situation of the club after failing to achieve the promotion. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the team: “This isn’t stopping. We already saw how it was the last game, now everyone is focused on what’s coming next. We want to continue growing and face the game with Marino on the best possible way. The players were already connected in the first training on Monday, the ones that had lesser minutes in the game and even the ones that didn’t play.”

Celso Borges: “He is fine and ready to help the team. He ended last week having good feelings, and this week he has been training at the top.”

Why Claudio Beauvue didn’t play against Zamora? “He didn’t play against Zamora as we thought Zamora was going to play a 3-5-2, we opted for Borja [Galán] as we wanted a player that could work behind the back of the centre-back.”

Are you negotiating a renewal? “Time has served in order to relate, there is a feeling between all the parties, a really good day to day relation, but what may or may not happen is not something we touched. We still have to play six games and that’s what everyone is doing. The movie now is the game against Marino. The message, or the great message, was the one sent in that day, the one in which the president talked, ensuring viability and that the club, whatever happens, is strengthened. Regardless of the league we start in, what determines is the speed of the project. If the club is in Segunda RFEF it is one speed, if it is in the Pro, it is another one... The important thing in this case is that all that’s going to be. It’s the short, medium, long-term perspective and that’s the most important thing that the club could pronounce. The impact of that appearance had its effect. So, for me it isn’t something that takes away my sleep, if it’s confirmed or not confirmed, I have signed a contract until June, I have come wanting to do things and contribute. I focus on what’s important, which is to maintain the level that we hope will grow and be higher, and on the other hand, ensure the presence of this team in the Primera RFEF.”

Progression of the team: “I speak for myself and from my experience. Since I have arrived. I cannot value anything that has nothing to do with me here. It’s true that it isn’t the same to arrive at the start of the season as in the middle. it was about speeding up processes and improving while you compete. But competing in a conventional system is not the same as competing in this express system. Combining both with injuries, the market... it isn’t easy. Beyond that, I perceive that the team has taken a step, I think we have found a way that allows us to compete and bring each of the players closer to who they are. I haven’t discovered anything, the capacities are there and fortunately they are coming out and they are being repeated very frequently. From that moment on, it’s now about maintaining something that already has to do with stability and allows us to compete. Adjusting and fixing issues to see if we can be better than the previous game.”

Marino Luanco: “It presents some important numbers. They achieved the possibility of being able to play this phase for the Primera RFEF and they will come with a clean head. They are sure to pose a difficult match for us. They have good players, we have faced a good number of them in the past, a dense team defensively and with players in the center of the field who are differentials. Good ability, good passers and skilled people. They have dangerous players in the area, and I look forward to a competitive match."

Manel addressed the media on Friday. He was talking of his career at Depor, the season of the Galicians and how Marino Luanco are facing the second phase. The following is a summary of the things he said.

How do Marino face this second phase? “We know it's very difficult, because we're the ones with the fewest points, but we've already won the reward. What happens is that we’re always going to compete in all places. Nobody becomes bitter by a candy. These last nine matchdays were also very difficult with me, and we got seventeen points. We were the second-best team this year, only behind Burgos, who finished first and very well. We will go step by step and see what happens. We have a lot of respect for everyone, we are going to face clubs with a lot of history, but fear… no fear. These are 90-minute matches, anything can happen.”

Marino already got its reward “For us, it's a reward seeing the situation the team was in. I took the team when the first round ended, I had just lost 0-2 at home with Cultural, and had only added five points. Lealtad marked the playoffs and was nine points above us, and in the end, we have two more points than them. We ended pushing up and adding eleven points in nine matchdays. It was a cruising speed. The team has responded, it has been very good, they believed it. And now we are going to do the same. We start from scratch. For us it’s as if a new League is starting, and we are going to work on making it even better and remaining in the highest position that’s possible.”

Q: Would you be happy with the tie? “What's that? No. We are a brave team and we always go out to win, then the games are all different. We respect Deportivo a lot, and more so having been there and knowing what’s inside that club. But fear we have no fear. I think the less pressure you have, the better, and that during nine games we have managed very well with pressure. Now I hope that the players especially enjoy it, that they enjoy the game, not everyone can say that they played in a stadium like the Riazor. And if possible, we want to get a positive result, but signing the tie would be silly. “

Twenty years ago, Marino were facing Deportivo in a cup tie … “Yes. I didn't play, I was on loan at Tenerife. In fact, in Miramar there’s a framed poster of that match and we pass in front of it every day when we go out to train. It’s historical for the club to have played that game against Deportivo.”

What has happened to Deportivo? “I have no idea. I have seen games, especially last year, a lot of Fernando Vázquez, because I had him in Oviedo and I have a great appreciation for him. For me he has been one of the best coaches I have had, and as a person he is a ten. And I was excited that he would catch Deportivo, both he and Manuel Pombo. They had a very good streak, where the team grabbed many victories in a row, and then ended up melting and waiting a bit for the outcome of having to play the final match and all of that, and in the end, it was an accumulated disaster. I wish the best to Depor, they will return to where it needs to be sooner rather than later, for sure. But Sunday's game is something else.”

What is your best memory of Deportivo? “I didn't participate much, but I have great memories of everything. When you train with great footballers, you end up getting better. I considered myself a better player since I was there. It was a difficult year for me, because I came to a squad with many international players and it was difficult to play. Also, the team was doing well. I understand now. When you are a footballer, no. Everybody wants to play and so do I. But it’s true that I remember ovations from the public against Málaga in the Copa del Rey and against Arsenal, which are two games that I played in Riazor as a starter. And I remember the affection of the people, who always behaved very well with me. Although I did not have the leading role of others, I consider myself one more and winner of the League.”

The season of Deportivo: "From the outside, everyone expected more. But not only from Deportivo, but also from Numancia, who had just dropped from Segunda. You think they are going to win fast. But the thing is that, in Segunda B, there are veteran players or those who come from other leagues, fields that aren’t in good conditions, synthetic grass… there are many factors to manage. Anyone who thinks it is very easy is wrong. The same as Segunda to get to Primera. The best Deportivo have done is these last three games. The dynamics are very positive. They have to stay with that in order to face this playoff.” 




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