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05 Apr 2021
Deportivo didn't play a good game, but Miku scored from the penalty spot and the Galicians added the first three points in the second round.

Coach Rubén De La Barrera sent the expected squad with Rai Nascimento delaying his position on the pitch in order to open a gap for José Lara on the wing. The formation was a 4-3-3 draw.

Lucho García was the goalkeeper, Eneko Bóveda covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Salva Ruiz. The central positions were covered by Mujaid Sadick and Borja Granero. Rai joined Diego Villares and Álex Bergantiños at midfield, Keko Gontán attacked from the right wing, Lara did it from the left and Miku was the centre forward.

At Marino Luanco, coach José Manuel Menéndez ‘Manel’ sent the expected squad. It was a scheme with five defenders, ex-Fabril Nacho Matador was a starter, while Álex Arias was playing behind striker Sergio Mendi.

Deportivo returned to be the clueless team of past matchdays, it never knew how to break the defensive line of the rival, and in the last stretch of the half, it was at the mercy of a Marino that only missed more courage.

The script was clear since the kick-off: Depor were having long ball possessions that were ending in nothing as Marino were holding at the back and waiting for an error to release the counterattack. Depor found a lot of problems to drill the ball into the three attackers, while Marino didn’t find depth with their counterattacks.

For this reason, there were no clear chances to score within the first 17 minutes. Depor’s first approximation with a sense of danger came at minute 14, it was volley searching for Miku in which the attacker dribbled a rival, but later a second defender came from behind to clear the danger.

The first chance to score for the locals came at minute 17, a long ball possession ended with the arrival of Bóveda, who assisted Rai, but his shot hit Lara when the ball was going towards the goal. Depor were dominating and showed a more offensive attitude than the rival, but at the same time it lacked spark to break the deadlock.

Marino started to have some arrivals at the middle of the half, always lead by Álex Arias. Their first arrival came at minute 24, Mendi collected a loose ball at the left side of the area and his shot was deflected by Salva Ruiz.

Depor had lost control of the ball at this point, Marino were feeling comfortable and started to damage Depor with their high pressure and fast attacks. The referee was also a factor, after whistling a dangerous free-kick for Luis Morán just when, in the previous play, he made a pass with the arm (33’), then he didn’t whistle two possible penalties over Depor, one over Rai and the other over Lara in a corner-kick action (36’ & 40’).

And the first half ended with the lonely shot on target in the half, and it was for Marino Luanco. Álex Arias collected a loose ball inside the area and his strong shot, Lucho García made the deflection and Mujaid cleared to corner-kick as he could (43’).

Depor didn’t improve in the final part, but it found a penalty that was going to mean the three points. Marino tried but their poor offensive game punished them.

Marino were dominating at the at start of the second part, just seconds after the kick-off, Alex Arias drilled a pass into the left wing, but the cross of Lora went directly into the arms of Lucho García.

Borja Granero got injured and he was replaced by Jorge Valin. The ex-Fabril covered the right side of the defence, while Bóveda joined Mujaid at the central positions. But these positions weren’t stationary as he and Álex were exchanging roles, mainly when Depor were attacking. 

With the passage of the minutes, Depor were looking more confused, but then they were awarded with a penalty. Lara collected the ball at the left wing, he was alone and ran towards the area, and when he was passing the line, the winger was fouled by Emilio Morilla. This time the referee whistled the penalty and Miku converted from the spot.

The goal opened the game, Marino tried to push for the equalizer and this only opened the field, because Depor started to find the slots that weren’t there before. Keko started to find room on the right wing. But De La Barrera decided to have more pause and he replaced the other winger, Lara, with Yago Gandoy.

Rai had a clear chance to score at minute 79, he collected the ball at the left wing and released a shot that passed close to the crossbar. Then Depor made three changes, Borja Galán, Beauvue and Borja Galán entered for Keko, Miku and Rai.  Marino pressed within the last two minutes plus the stoppage time, but the suffering was more for the narrow score than for their arrivals.

Flat game by Deportivo. The Galicians faced big problems in order to break a disciplined defensive line. And just when the team was more confused, Lara found a crack on the left that meant a penalty and the goal from Miku that brings three points.

Depor remain at the top of the subgroup, keeping the four-point lead over the third place. The next game is the visit to UP Langreo (Sunday, 17h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Lucho García – Bóveda, Mujaid, Borja Granero (Valin 51’), Salva Ruiz – Villares, Álex Bergantiños, Rai (Borja Galán 81’) – Keko Gontán (Rayco 81’), Miku (Beauvue 81’), Lara (Gandoy 68’).
Marino: (5-4-1) Grana – Borja Álvarez, Morilla (Sergio Orviz 72’), Trabanco, Miguel Prado, Guaya – Luis Morán (Iván Fernández 72’), Nacho Matador (César Suárez 85’), Álex Arias, Alberto Lora (Enol Rodríguez 85’) – Mendi (Chiqui 52’).
Goal: 1-0: (60’) Miku (penalty)
Referee: Manuel Pozueta Rodríguez. He showed yellow card to Luis Moran (37’), Emilio Morilla (69’), Gandoy (76’) & Villares (84’)
Venue: Riazor



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