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06 Apr 2021
Very similar game to the ones had in the stage with Fernando Vázquez, but with a couple of differences that De La Barrera is trying to polish. Depor have now spent 402 minutes without allowing a goal.

1- A game from the past, but with shades of the future: The game left the same feelings of been from the era with Fernando Vázquez or the first ones with De La Barrera. Because Deportivo had problems to break a defensive system that was well placed and that also put some pressure at midfield. In the early games with Vázquez, these games were decided by details in favor of the Galicians, and in this game the situation was very similar, but there were two big differences, two issues that invites to be optimistic as both are part of what the new coach is trying to implement in his version of Deportivo: The passing game at midfield and the attitude when the team takes the lead.

2- Glimpses of passing game, but unable to surpass the pressure: In the early days with Vázquez, the pressure at midfield put by the rival was an impossible barrier for the players. The plays were normally ending in passes to Álex, who later had to pass the ball to a centre-back in order to later search for a long pass. No matter how many midfielders were on the pitch, there was no way to connect with the attackers, and they became so desperate that the attackers were pushed to delay the position in order to find the ball, and that only made them to lose any advantage against a rival that only had to mark them.

With De La Barrera, the midfielders are constantly making short passes in order to beat the pressure. For that reason, the rivals were finding a rhombus figure when they tried to steal the ball, and they were incapable to do it as the ball was moving so fast that they ended locked in a position and later pushes back into their area. The problems were that this strategy only lasted 30 minutes and later that it was never used to drill passes searching for an unmarked man on the wing or inside the area. It was the reason why Depor didn’t have too many opportunities and also explains why, with the passage of the minutes, the game looked so similar to the ones played at the start of the season. At least a progression can be noticed, the coach now needs to extend this mentality and to push the players to start using this technique in order to create opportunities.

3- A different attitude after scoring a goal: At the start of the season, each time Depor were claiming the lead, the team and the coach were radically changing the attitude, the players were becoming more defensive or the coach was making defensive changes that were only compromising the result. In this game it was possible to see a Deportivo that knew that Marino were going to push for the equalizer, and they tried to seize the opportunity in the quest for the second goal. The midfielders understood that pressure was diluted and it was then when Keko Gontán started to be noticed the most, always incisive on the right wing. The coach also understood what the players were doing and the changes were never defensive, he only tried to refresh the attacking line. Unfortunately, Depor were unable to create a clear chance within the final 20 minutes, but at least it showed ambition.

4- Imperial Mujaid: Not the best game for the full team, but if someone should be praised is Mujaid Sadick. Starting on minute 30, Marino started to have longer ball possessions and they attempted the counterattack, but they barely had a clear chance, and the reason was that they strategy was to drill passes trying to earn the back of Mujaid, and it was there were they failed as the ex-Fabril won all the duels. Truly he had a couple of errors clearing the ball inside the area, but he was unbeatable in one-on-one plays against Marino’s attackers.

5- The return of the defence: 402 minutes without allowing goals: Four straight victory for Deportivo and this winning rally is based in a strong defence. For the fourth straight game, Depor have clinched a clean sheet. The last goal allowed was at the start of the second half visiting Racing Ferrol (February 20), since then Depor have spent 402 minutes without conceding a goal.



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