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19 Feb 2008
Lotina and his team wasted a nice chance to leave behind the 18th place during matchday 24, but Depor wasn't able to hold on the partial victory in Huelva and ended losing the match. Despite the step-down, the Galicians still near to safety and even the distance with the tenth place still the same: five points. Deportivo still needing 19 additional points in order to keep the spot in Primera Divisi??n, a mark that could be reached succeeding in the eight games still to be played at the Riazor.

Deportivo was near to abandon the relegation zone during the past weekend, the Galicians took the lead in the game against Recreativo, but two moments of distraction together with a new late goal pushed Lotina's squad back to the 18th place in the table. Despite the wasted opportunity, the situation for Depor still the same, a new victory could put Depor back in salvation and even the distance with the tenth position still to be of only five points.

And it's that the situation in la liga continues to be tight, of the teams located between the 10th and the 20th position in the table, only Athletic Bilbao, Betis, Recreativo and Levante were able to achieve the three points during matchday 24. The victory of last-place Levante is even reducing the distance between the last spot and the tenth position to only thirteen points.

As the table shows up, Depor is now two points away from the safety, a place represented by Osasuna. Curiously, the club from Navarra had a perfect occasion to climb positions since its rivals for the permanence had tough games and since Ziganda's team was visiting last place Levante, but they lost their game while Capar??s's Athletic was conquering an important win at the Calder??n stadium, therefore they are now in a critical situation.

The table also demonstrates that Levante, Atletic Bilbao and Deportivo have been the best three team of this zone within the last four matchdays, this because they have conquered seven points in this period of time. But it isn't enough for Depor, the Galicians need to add other 19 points in order to reach the magic mark of 43, the one appointed as the target for the permanence.

This means that Depor must add 19 of the 42 points that still in dispute (42% of the total) in other words six wins plus one additional draw. And the main target should be to add points at the Riazor, stadium in which Depor has only conquered nine and where the squad still has to face eight rivals: RCD Espanyol, Sevilla, Real Madrid, Murcia, Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona, UD Levante and Villarreal. Depor could achieve the permanence if Lotina's squad is able to win six of this eight home matches.

Matchday 25 promises to be interesting:

Depor will host RCD Espanyol at the Riazor, while Osasuna will be playing at the Reyno de Navarra against Atl?Štico Madrid. The two local teams in this games represents the fight for the salvation, while both visitors are targeting a participation in next season's UEFA Champions League. A win of Depor combined with a defeat of Osasuna will put the Galician side outside of the relegation zone.

Other interesting confrontation is the one between Murcia and Valladolid, this two clubs are exactly the two worst teams between the 10th and the 20th spot within the last four matches, and it's that they have only clinched one point in this period. A new defeat will mean almost the end for Murcia, while if Valladolid loses its match, it will be just one point away from the relegation . Betis against Recreativo is another interesting confrontation in this zone, while Recreativo can't be too relaxed after the win over Depor, that's because they have to face Valencia and Real Madrid in the following two liga games.

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