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06 Apr 2021
Painful defeat for Fabril in a game in which both sides displayed their offensive football. The rival had more chances, Fabril is now out of the playoff positions.

Start of the second round for Fabril. Álvaro Yuste got injured in the past game and joined right-back Íñigo Reinoso s the players out for physical reasons, while Juan Carlos Valerón was missing Álex Barba, who was suspended. The coach decided to keep the 4-3-3 formation.

Pablo Brea was the starting goalie. Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, Juan Rodríguez and David Suárez played at the centre of the defence. Javi Sanmartín, Jorge Sarmiento and Víctor Guedes played at midfield, Javi Sánchez attacked from the right wing, Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’ did it from the left, then Adri Castro was the centre forward.

Fabril dropped their initial advantage in the subgroup after losing the first game in the second round. Both sides tried to display their best football, but truly CD Choco had more opportunities and seized two of them to end winning the game.

The game started with a goal for CD Choco, Elias released a corner-kick from the left and Carlos Caloi found the ball at the far post to score from close range. And Fabril didn’t last in reacting, because five minutes later Adri Castro was entering the area and the ball hit the arm of a defender, the referee whistled the penalty and Adri Castro himself converted from the spot.

CD Choco were putting a high pressure, but Fabril were attacking. At minute 15, Sarmiento fired from the edge of the area and the ball went close to the far post. Three minutes later the visiting side had a chance to score, but the shot of Comis was saved by Pablo Brea, and in the following play a long-distance shot of Martín Crespo was saved again by Fabril’s keeper.

The game continued to be entertaining as both teams were having opportunities; at minute 28, a shot of Adri Castro was saved by visiting goalie Kevin Pereiro. In the counterattack, Fran Monroy missed the target. 

The next chance was for Adri Castro, who collected the ball after a free-kick action and the attacker sent the ball over the crossbar (35’). Five minutes later CD Choco protested a penalty, but the referee didn’t whistle after Guille Franco felt inside the area against the pressure of Guille Bueno.

As it happened in the first part, CD Choco were going to take an early lead in the second half. Óscar Comis collected the ball at the edge of the area and he released a great strike putting the ball at the top-corner.

This time Fabril had doubts after conceding a goal, and CD Choco almost took advantage of the confusion in order to extend the lead, but the shot from Comis missed the target (55’). Valerón made the first substitutions, Famoussa Kanouté and Raúl Pescador replaced Sanmartin and Sarmiento.

Fabril made a step forward with the substitutions, but the locals outfit found out a wall that was blocking all the passing lines, and at the same time the visiting side were releasing dangerous counterattacks. Boedo and Raúl Cambón were the next substitutions for Fabril, but they continued to have problems to create opportunities.

The next chance for Fabril came at minute 87, a combination between Cambón and Adri Castro allowed the latter to reach the box, but a defender cleared the danger. The locals had a last chance to score after the referee whistled a free-kick inside the area after a defender assisted the keeper, but Boedo sent the ball over the crossbar (90’).

Fabril: (4-3-3) Pablo Brea – Iván Guerrero, Juan Rodríguez, David Suárez, Guille Bueno – Sanmartín (Kanouté 61’), Guedes (Pescador 61’), Sarmiento (Cambón 80’) – Javi Sánchez, Adri Castro, Peke (Boedo 80’).
Choco: (4-2-3-1) Kevin – Samu, Elias, Alberto Suarez, Comis (Doval 90´) – Antón (Mario García 80’), Caloi – Iano, Guille Franco, Fran Monroy (Óscar Gil 69’) – Martín (Davo 69’).
Goals: 0-1: (4’) Caloi, 1-1: (9’) Adri Castro (penalty), 1-2: (51’) Comis
Referee: Álvaro Juuncal Moreira.
Venue: Abegondo






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