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07 Apr 2021
The second round at Segunda B started on last Sunday. The three favorites in the fight for the first two places won their games. Depor kept the four-point gap with the third place.

The final stage of the season is on at Segunda B. On last weekend the second round was launched and Deportivo started to compete in the intermediate group. The goal is simple: there are six teams and the first two will remain in the third tier of Spanish football (Primera RFEF), while the remaining four clubs will be demoted to the fourth tier (Segunda RFEF).

The favorites clubs to fight for the first two places due their history and budgets are Deportivo, CD Numancia and Racing Ferrol, and the three of them won their matches and are now at the top of the standings.

CD Numancia were the only ones that won on the road, on Saturday they defeated SD Compostela (1-2), while one day later, Racing Ferrol and Deportivo suffered a bit in order to clinch narrow 1-0 wins over UP Langreo and Marino Luanco.

Depor, despite been the worst scorer in the subgroup, are keeping the four-point gap with the third place, while the difference between the second and third place is only of two points.

The situation at the standings:

place team points GF GA
1 Deportivo 32 15 10
2 Racing Ferrol 30 23 17
3 Numancia 28 25 15
4 Compostela 25 21 18
5 Langreo  25 21 21

With Deportivo leading the standings, a crucial battle for one of the spots is taking place on next weekend as current runners-up Racing Ferrol are visiting third place CD Numancia. Depor are visiting UP Langreo and Marino Luanco are entertaining SD Compostela.



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