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08 Apr 2021
Winger Rai Nascimento is convinced that the team is focused in ending the season in the best possible way, and that there’s no time to lament the failure to achieve the promotion.

Rai Nascimento addressed the media on Wednesday, he was explaining the mentality of the squad after failing to achieve the promotion to Segunda, "We know how important it is for the club to be in one league or another. The closer you are to the goal, the better it will be. The easier it will be. You will be closer to returning to where it deserves. And each one of us too. It0s a great opportunity for each player to show every day that we are close to our goals.”

“This is not over yet and we knew that, after the game with Zamora, regardless of our result or the one of others, the team needed to have its head ready to continue fighting for whatever goal. And the team will keep working instead of thinking about what didn't happen." He added.

At the same time, the Brazilian winger doesn’t want to talk of the fact that Depor is the current leader I the subgroup, "What we have to keep in mind is each game. We'll see if later we finish with more or fewer points than the others. But the important thing is to go to Langreo and add the points. Whether away or at home, the points are just as important."

There’s some concern as the game will be played in artificial grass, he was talking about the issue, “If it has to condition, let it be for the better. It’s one more field in which we have to play and I think that, for some of us, it isn’t something new either. I have played a lot on artificial grass and we will play our game. The only thing that changes is the surface, that the ball bounces more or less... then the coach will decide during the week how we play."

Rai also talked of his position on the field during the last game against Marino, "I felt good, sometimes quite pressured by the opponent, because we had almost no space to meet between the lines, which is where I have been playing the previous game, but I felt good, especially in the final minutes, because at the beginning everything was closed and you couldn't play or make passes, we had to go around a lot to find spaces.”



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