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13 May 2021
The club announced today that the new technical secretary is Carlos Rosende. He has been working in the of Deportivo since 2019. The former secretary, Alfonso Serrano, is joining Albacete.

Deportivo announced on Wednesday that Carlos Rosende is the new technical secretary of the club. Rosende, who will be 34 on next week, is one of the youngest men that has fulfilled the role at Depor. He is a former analyst of Radio Marca that joined the club in 2019 working in the scouting department, he has a large knowledge of players in lower leagues.

This s the first movement made by Deportivo after ending the season, and now the big question is if Richard Barral will continue as the sporting secretary. He refused to answer if he is going to continue, but several journalists are convinced that he will leave.

The former secretary of the club, Alfonso Serrano, rescinded his contract and will join Albacete Balompié, the bottom club at Segunda that might be a rival on next season. He talked at Radio Cadena ser on Wednesday and assumed the responsibility in the failed campaign that just ended.

“The balance is negative. A club like Deportivo, with the significance and history that it has, at least we had to qualify for the playoff. Then the playoff is a lottery, two games and maybr not passing the round, but the minimum we demanded was to take part of the playoff. We had plenty of squad to be in Extremadura this weekend. However, he we were wrong in some concepts and that’s why we must assume the corresponding part of the blame.”



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