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15 May 2021

We are announcing the end of as a regular website. The current global crisis, the new tendencies and especially the crisis of the club, are pushing us to make the decision. We have noticed a decrease in the interest on reading news related to the club, which is understandable taking in mind the poor and sometimes embarrassing results of the team, so it’s time to evolve. has been the International Deportivo website and has been running since March 2000. We wanted to introduce Deportivo to non-Spanish speakers around the world through the internet and we spent more than two decades having fun and sharing our passion with fans around the world. We made good friends and shared happy and sad moments. Now it’s time to move on.

This is not the end of our effort of sharing the passion for Deportivo La Coruña with other fans. We will continue informing, but no longer using the website. The new strategy is to use social media in order to keep contact with the international fans of the club. Basically, we will use three platforms:

Twitter – We will keep making daily reports on news and made live coverage of the game by the first team, Fabril, Depor Ladies and sometimes other academy teams.
Facebook – We will keep reporting the most relevant news related to the club.
Reddit – We will publish short articles about the teams and the club.

Many thanks to the people that has followed us for the past two decades.

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