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28 Feb 2008
Deportivo's three central defenders are fulfilling their normal tasks with a positive note, but they are also important in the attacking efforts. Because the returns of Pablo Amo and Lopo, together with the contribution of Coloccini, are adding goals to Lotina's squad. In fact, they are the best combination of central defenders in Primera in terms of goals scored.

Since coach Miguel Angel Lotina changed the system into a 5-4-1, Deportivo has played five matches in Primera Divisi??n, and the squad has clinched ten of the fifteen points in dispute. The Galician squad has improved in a general sense, but the main thing to be emphasised is the contribution of the central defenders. The squad is more secure in defence and the number of goals scored is risen.

The statistics demonstrates this situation: Depor has only leaked six goals within the last five liga games while it has scored nine. And three of those nine goals were scored by the central defenders in the team. Totally, they have scored five goals on this liga season after 25 matchdays: Coloccini (2), Pablo Amo (2) and Lopo (1).

This number represents the best mark in Primera Divisi??n. Barcelona, Levante, Recreativo and Real Madrid are following Depor in this department since their central defenders have scored three goals on the liga campaign, while the central defenders at Athletic Bilbao, Getafe and Zaragoza still scoreless in la liga. The three goals scored by Levante were conquered by Alvaro and the three of Real Madrid by Sergio Ramos, two players that are currently the topscoring defenders in la liga.

And Depor's scoring mark is also important compared to past seasons, the record at Deportivo was reached ten years ago, during the season 1997/1998, at that time the four central defenders in the squad scored seven goals on the season: Naybet (4), H?Šlder (1), Ramis (1) and Donato (1). Since then, the central defenders have scored five goals in two occasions: season 1998/1999 -Schurrer (3) , Donato (1) and Naybet (1)-, and on the season 2005/2006 -Juanma (4) and Andrade (1). Juanma and Naybet hold the record of goals scored by a central defender at Depor, that's because they reached four goals in one single season, the Andalusian on the 2005/2006 campaign and the Morocco defender on the season 1997/1998.

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