13 Dec 2005
Diego Trist??n is upset with the treatment received last Sunday at Riazor, the Sevillan striker believes that it was an unfair reaction of the public, Trist??n heard whistles since the first minute of play and he believes that he doesn't deserve this kind of protest.

Q: Are you satisfied with the work you are doing?
A: You always want more. You can never be satisfied. A couple years ago the injuries were blocking my progression, but this year I'm playing and scoring goals. I'm the first one that wants to be at the best level possible. And to have the support of the people would make the things better.

Q: Precisely, you're talking about the support of the people and on Sunday you received one of the most noisy protest that has been heard in Riazor...
A: I have to recognise that I'm in a difficult emotional situation after those whistles. In this way it is complicated to play, I always felt the support of La Coru?±a's people, but after Sunday I'm losing the motivation.

Q: Do you think that the reaction of the stadium it's unfair?
A: I think that there's no motive for it. This year I'm scoring goals. But if you have the public against you since the first minute it's complicated. I will not change my game. The people can show their disapproval, but the things that happened on Sunday were a matter without logic.

Q: Are you depressed for the things that happened against C??diz?
A: I'm in pain for it. It's sad because I don't think that this is an initiative of the fans, I always gave everything for these people.

Q: Was it one of your worst days?
A: I have had bad days like when I got injured, although the fans were always with me until Sunday. But in this occasion the fact of having the people against you since the first minute is a difficult thing to surpass. It will be necessary to see what the better thing to do for the club is.

Q: Are you saying that you want to leave?
A: I always gave everything for this club and I don't think that I deserve this. If the people aren't happy with me the better thing to do is getting out of it. I want to feel the support of my people. And after this game it seems that I don't have it. Until now I was very comfortable, but I won't be in a place in which they don't want me. I think that I deserve more respect.

Q: And your gesture after the goal?
A: It wasn't a thing against anybody, it was rage, I wanted to say that here you have the goals and that's football.

Q: Are you more comfortable playing far from Riazor?
A: No. I always want to play at Riazor. Playing in my stadium is where I'm more comfortable, but today is a tough day after what happened on Sunday.

Q: And with this scenario the derby comes...
A: We know the importance of the Derby and the victory will be a boost for us. Everyone is thinking of that match. I would love to dedicate the goal of the victory to the Riazor Blues.

Q: Why to them?
A: For the support that they gave me on Sunday, I was proud and they never are tired of supporting me. The strength that they give to the squad is very important for us.

Q: Do you still think of the national team?
A: My numbers are there. If I score twenty goals, it will be easier. But the national coach doesn't trust in me.

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