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07 Mar 2008
The pre-inscription for the Intertoto cup has started a discussion inside the team about the convenience of the measure. Some of the players think that's a good move, while other considers this as a mistake. No matter what, the possibility of playing European competitions seems very improbable, although it's a option that still open.

Juan Carlos Valer�n was the first one that talked about the issue, he's one of the captains in the team, Valer�n is thinking that Depor must focus its effort in the permanence, as he said in a press conference "We must be concentrated in the games we must play during the upcoming weeks and our main target continues to be very clear: to achieve the permanence. Since that point, we will see what happens, but right now we aren't in disposition of been thinking about bigger things."

Striker Riki followed the same road than the Canarian playmaker after an interview in Radio Cadena Ser "It's an error to be thinking of other stuff when you have the team down there, what we must be thinking is in how we must achieve 42 or 43 points in order to be saved, as soon as possible, we should forget about those kind of things."

In the other side of the story, Andr�s Guardado was considering the inscription as a proof of confidence made by Depor's officials, as he said to reporters "If they decided to inscribe the team for the competition, it's because they consider this team is capable of been achieving that objective, and we must take this as a demonstration of confidence in us."

Coach Miguel �ngel Lotina shared the opinion of the Mexican winger "It's fine to me because it's a road in order to reach the European competitions. Right now we're thinking of the permanence. Although this is a possibility that seems too far, we should take advantage of it. It's a door that can't be closed."

On Friday, the club informed that in order to qualify for the competition, Depor's team need to end the liga season between the seventh and the twelfth spot, a circumstance that doesn't seems complicated at this point since Depor is only one point under the 12th position. On Friday it was also known that the other Spanish clubs that have been inscribed for the competition are Villarreal, Atl�tico Madrid, Espanyol, Valencia, Getafe, Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla and Zaragoza.

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