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12 Mar 2008
Miguel �ngel Lotina talked at Abegondo's press room about the upcoming game against the leader Real Madrid, the Basque trainer is conscious about the poor numbers of the Madrilenians when they visit the Riazor, but it's that Lotina thinks that the statistics are erased as soon as the game starts. He also confessed that there's the possibility he might choose to play with Wilhelmsson, Lafita and Guardado at the same time.

Q: What kind of Real Madrid are you expecting to meet? a team going out to the pitch for the game or a rival that will be waiting locked in its area?
A: It's a team that likes to have the ball possession. They like to play with combinations. That's the philosophy since Schuster is sited on the bench, although later the things happening during the games are the facts dictating what you should do.

Q: Real Madrid has spent the last seventeen years without winning at the Riazor. What does this statistic tell you?
A: It's pretty good and without doubt, a fact for the hope, but later during the game, the statistics aren't worthy. We can't forgive that Real Madrid is the current leader and with a big difference with the rest of the teams.

Q: People seems confident because Riazor is a damn place for Real Madrid, also for the sensations transmitted by this Depor. Do you perceive it in that way?
A: To have confidence is a very important issue and we're working in order to fulfil everybody's dream. Fans want to see us playing against the big teams and we should remember that the current champion is visiting us, a team that will probably repeat the title during the next months.

Q: No matter how cautious you are about the recent history, you won't find a statistic like this in a big team during its away games.
A: It's true, we can't deny that. It isn't easy to find a pitch with that numbers for Real Madrid and it should be for some reason, but once the game has started, it's a duel of eleven men against eleven men, then the winner is the bravest side.

Q: They are arriving with a big advantage over Barcelona and only focused in la liga. What do you thing about that?
A: The difference is now of eight points. If they would come tied, let's imagine how would they come... Besides, it isn't the same Barcelona of other seasons. The injury of Messi is a big setback for them and it's curious, because with a better squad they have, bigger are problems for the casualty of one single player.

Q: According to your words, you prefer a Real Madrid with a big difference of points than one team in the emergency room...
A: But it's that until you face on the pitch one of the giant teams in la liga, you won't know what are you going to meet. If they lose is because they had an excess of confidence, and if they win is because they were focused.

Q: Are you one of those who thinks that Real Madrid is the leader because it's the best team in the competition, or because it's the lest bad side?
A: They are making a pretty campaign. They have only lost once at home and the numbers are out there. Besides, Sevilla and Valencia, two teams that in past years were taking advantage of its errors, are having a bad season so far.

Q: It's possible that we'll see Andr�s Guardado, �ngel Lafita and Christian Wilhelmsson playing at the same time?
A: Evidently, when Guardado would be fine, it will be an advantage for us. The possibility exist, we could see the three players performing at the same time. We can play in any game in this way without any problem, but right now I am not having that doubt, because first I want to see the evolution of Andr�s.

Q: You will need to change the system.
A: We could change midfield, because the team is more or less comfortable playing with three central defenders. When that possibility arrives, and when we realise everybody is fine in a physical sense, we will see what happens. When it's possible, I always try to put the best players on the pitch, and if Guardado is fine, and if 'Willy' and Lafita still with the same level, then we'll solve the things putting the best players on the pitch.

Q: What happened during the goals at Mestalla?
A: Players love to be corrected, but not in public, because it could 'muddy' the environment.

Q: De Guzm�n confessed that he's ready to stay one year without sex if he's able to score against Real Madrid. Will you do a promise like this?
A: Not even for been champion in la liga! it's a sacred thing for me. Besides, how are you going to prove if he has fulfilled his promise? (he laughs).

Q:  What do you think about the dismissal of L�pez Caro from Celta?
A: It upset me to see the exit of a coach because I feel I'm losing a partner, but I don't know what kind of environment is the one lived there or what are the reasons for the dismissal. Not all the dismissals are the same and it's necessary to realise about the situation in the changing room, the state of the fans and the relationship with the board of directors. Beyond the results, there's always something more, and I don't have that information. Besides, I am trying to clean my house but it still dirty.

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