14 Dec 2005
Juanma has been one of the pleasant surprises of the season. He arrived in silence from Racing and with his solid work, the Andalucian defender has won a place in the starting lineup. Now he's ready to face his first Galician Derby. Juanma also talked about his situation at Deportivo and the business that he started along with his old friend Javi Guererro.

Q: How is the team before the Derby?
A: In the locker room we haven't felt it yet, but in the street it is obvious. People have told me that Deportivo must win in Vigo and those kind of things. I think that the environment surrounding the game could be pretty.

Q: Have you talked with Javi Guerrerro?
A: We talk alot, and of course we talked about it during this past week.

Q: Are you provoking him?
A: The usual thing. Since they were in a higher position than us I was joking with him, saying that we've already caught them, and noe it's time to surpass Celta in the table. Typical things.

Q: Do you like the provocation in the Derbys?
A: If these are managed with a good sense yes, but when people start to do it in other ways, I prefer to distance myself. The environment that you create with the provocation is good, but without crossing the line.

Q: Did you tell Javi Guerrero that he was wrong when he choose to go to Celta?
A: Joking, yes. It would be nice to have him here, but football has these things, you choose what you think is the right decision and later, things don't end up as you were expecting. I hope that things will improve for him.

Q: Are you hoping to face him on Saturday?
A: It could be a weird situation. You want that, but things are different when you think about the consequences. If he scores against us I will die!.

Q: And if you have to challenge him during the game, will you do it?
A: Hey man! understand this, I desire the best for Javi, but on the pitch things are different. Besides, he knows me really well. I believe that those who receive more kicks from myself are my own friends.

Q: You said before that you like to feel the environment of the Derbys...
A: I love to see a full stadium. As an example, the other day in Sevilla was incredible, a real football environment, people supporting their squad and it's nice to see that.

Q: Since you are known as a tough defender, the hard tackles you could make might cause some fury at the Bala?­dos. Aren't you afraid?
A: No! It motivates me. If we have a hostile environment, the people can be calmed down. I don't fear them.

Q: We know that Javi Guerrero and you are starting a business dedicated to delicatessen food, what can you tell us about it?
A: We're only starting, but it's a promising thing. Soon we will create a web page and we're thinking of expanding our target market.

Q: Is it working out?
A: For now it's a home thing. Our center is the locker room. Some teammates have bought some of our products. My partner sells food in Celta's locker room and I do it in Deportivo's. Hey, you don't know if football will work out!... let's hope that it will!

Q: In Depor you don't have any complaints about your role in the squad...
A: No, things are working out and I'm satisfied.

Q: Be honest... did you imagine when you signed for Depor that you would be a regular starter at this point of the season?
A: I always trusted in my possibilities. Otherwise, I wouldn't have accepted the offer from Depor. But be carefull, I am not an undisputed starter. It's true that I'm playing a lot, I didn't think that I would have a place so soon, for the moment I must enjoy it.

Q: Can you predict for us the result of the Derby?
A: I think that's difficult to establish. Both clubs are in similar situations and anything can happen.

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