13 Mar 2008
Filipe Luis is the only player at Depor or Real Madrid that has spent a period of his life in both clubs. The Brazilian defender talked about the upcoming match at the Riazor, he believes in the victory and even predicts a 2-0 win for the Galicians. Filipe's main recommendation is to attack Real Madrid using the wings.

Q: In which way can you knock down the leader of la liga?
A: We must correct the errors committed in Valencia, but we must go out to the pitch with the same attitude and concentration. And we play at home. Lately, we've been strong at the Riazor.

Q: You will have to dance with Higua�n.
A: He has to pass through me and Coloccini and it won't be easy for him.

Q: Crumble the rival.
A: Who I like is Robinho. Look, Barcelona has a bigger squad, but (Real) Madrid is a team conformed by players that have grown together. They know each other very well. Guti is important.

Q: Talk about its defects.
A: You can harm them entering by the wings. Because defensively, they don't have players specialised in covering the sides. Torres plays there, but he isn't a right-back, And Marcelo still adapting. But this is a secret, eh? They shouldn't know that we know (he laughs).

Q: Besides Robinho, you will have other Brazilians in front of you.
A: Baptista was already there when I was playing at Madrid. He isn't the same one of Sevilla, there he scored a lot of goals, because he was playing in an advanced position, but he's a strong player. And Marcelo is going to learn a lot. He's going through the same things I lived at Real Madrid. It's hard at the beginning, but he possess quality and will go up.

Q: Would you sign a draw as the final result?
A: No, I wouldn't sign it. We play at the Riazor and we have won the last two games played there against big teams, Espanyol and Sevilla. That's why I'm optimistic. We can win, I don't doubt about it. I know that many people would sign a draw against Real Madrid, but not me.

Q: Make a forecast.
A: Two-zero. Two, in order to see people saying we possess goal. And zero, to see them saying our defence is fine. And with a goal of mine. I will celebrate it, off course... at the end I will put Manuel Pablo because I have a bet with him, and with De Guzm�n.

Q: Did you left Madrid upset?
A: No, not at all. Madrid is special for me. I don't have any complain about my time there. I love Real Madrid, but I love more Depor and for me it's special to win the three points against (Real) Madrid. I will support the friends I have in the squad, but we need a lot those points.

Q: Do you need them in order to save yourself?
A: It's that our objective still to be the permanence. I heard about the Intertoto inscription, but with what we have suffered... we must go step by step. Later, when we'll be saved, with more calmness, we'll see. The Intertoto still far form us.

Q: Would you be saved some matchdays before the end?
A: I think that yes. We must win four of eleven matches. It only depend on us.

Q: The speech has changed a lot.
A: We have changed everything mentally. Because we are no longer in the drop zone. Now we all want to enjoy of the ball possession and make some plays. And the fans, when they had to whistle us, they applauded. The relegation was a big weight, and when you see yourself down there, we thought "that's it". You don't want to see the papers no more, nor going out to the street. But we realised we can go out of there, and we demonstrated it. People even talked about a broken squad and about the exit of the coach. But we, the players, never had doubts about Lotina, not even when we were five points behind the safety. I saw the doubts were related to ourselves. We knew the guilty was on us. It was unfair to see the coach carrying out with this. We had to change something and Lotina decided that it should be the system. He guessed right. The players are with the coach.

Q: How do you stop Robinho?
A: How do we stop him? the question is: how to surpass Manuel Pablo? He's making an impressive season, he's a phenomena. You need help in order to surpass him, to force a 'two against one play' in order to face him.

Q: Are you united?
A: Yes, he's my friend. Since I arrived from Madrid, he welcomed me in his home, like a brother. We were always there, playing with the Play Station and billiards.

Q: And as a player?
A: He makes different things. He possess goal, no matter he plays on the sides. And he will grow more.

Q: It was hard for you to find a place in the squad.
A: It was hard for everybody. It's difficult to see the arrival of a Brazilian and witness the same thing that happened to Kak�. We had to learn how to defend and when to attack. Here, the rival can hit you and you can't throw yourself to the ground, because the referee won't whistle the foul then. Robinho wasn't able to finish his plays. The grass affects a lot. In Brazil is dry. Here is always wet.

Q: Talk about Kak�.
A: He's the best in the world. And Robinho is between the top three. Kak� looks like an European player. He's strong, fast, with an impressive ability to shot on target and also posses goal.

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