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16 Mar 2008
Happiness. That's the main feeling after the game ended. Lotina and his players are convinced that Deportivo is living the best moment on the present season and they are hoping to continue in the same way. President Lendoiro emphasised the difficulty of the task made at the Riazor, while Schuster was saying that his team didn't deserve the defeat.

Coach Miguel �ngel Lotina was convinced that his team has changed a lot compared to the one that faced the first round in la liga "I already said that this is the best moment for us on the season, and it was demonstrated over the grass. There's a huge difference between the Deportivo of the first round and this one: Except for our bet of been playing good football, the team has changed a lot."

Later the Basque trainer explained the strategy deployed during the game "We had problems to put pressure up front, but we could not allow to see Guti having the ball. We blocked all the interior game of (Real) Madrid, and although we defended too much delayed on the pitch, we were attacking very well when we were able to steal the ball from them. It was an equal game though we had other occasions to score after our goal. At the end we could even achieve a bigger score."

Despite the suffering, Lotina believes the fans are happy with the performance of the team "I believe that people is leaving with the impression that we deserved to win, because they saw more occasions for Deportivo than for Real Madrid." Finally, Depor's coach wanted to emphasise the work done by Wilhelmsson "He was incredible, nobody was able to put him out of the game, no matter he didn't stop working during the match. He's living a great moment."

Striker Xisco didn't appear too much in the game, but he made a big sacrifice running for every ball. The Mallorcan was very happy for the performance of the Galician squad "We�re living a very good moment and we made a very serious encounter, knowing what we had to do and without committing mistakes. We're growing as a team and now we have to keep working in order to achieve our goal."

Albert Lopo was one of the best players in the game, always blocking every attempt of the rival. The Catalan defender emphasised that Depor is now more near to the salvation "We added the three points, that's the important thing. It's clear this victory is putting the salvation more near to us. It wasn't a pretty game but we were effective. Let's hope the next games will be the same for us."

�ngel Lafita made a good game, he was also very happy for the victory, however the Aragonian didn't want to talk about any different goal than the salvation "We were superior to Real Madrid. But we must be conscious that nothing is done yet. We have to achieve as soon as possible the 42 or 43 points that will secure the permanence and later we can think of bigger stuff."

Filipe Luis, the player that started the action of the goal, talked about the good moment lived by Deportivo in the present tournament "Right now everybody is laughing, we recovered the joy and we must try to continue like this until the end. We have spent four games without losing and there are no words to describe what we are feeling."

The Brazilian and ex-Real Madrid defender also talked about his conversations with Robinho after the game "He told me that I had grown a lot, and I responded that he will become the best player in the world." Filipe also joked about his personal bet with Manuel Pablo "The bet with Manuel Pablo still on, we bet about who will score first on this season , therefore I will have to keep hearing him saying that I don't have goal."

Christian Wilhelmsson was so happy after the game ended, that he affirmed to be searching for a way in order to stay at Deportivo "I am content and very happy for the month I spent on here. Absolutely I have to search for a way in order to stay at Deportivo. I would ask for one or two more goals, but I am very content and I hope to be able to continue in the same way."

Striker Riki wanted to remember the curse that Real Madrid continues to live at the Riazor "Riazor is a damn place, specially for the way in which the fans support us, it's complicated. The public was great and the team has responded on the pitch."

President Augusto C�sar Lendoiro was content because his team defeated the leader in Primera Divisi�n "To defeat Real Madrid should be a party for everybody. The fact of been defeating the team that will probably become the champion in la liga should tell you everything. It's always difficult to defeat Real Madrid."

Meanwhile, Bernd Schuster didn't want to admit the defeat, as he always do, the German said that his team didn't deserve the final result "Deportivo was very well on the pitch and it was complicated to cause damage to them. They put nine players in defence and they blocked us. We knew it would be very difficult to create chances, but it's also true they didn't enjoy of too many occasions. I don't believe we deserved the defeat, this should was a 0-0 game, but it wasn't like that."

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