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23 Mar 2008
Lotina and his players were sad for the defeat because it means a lost opportunity in order to advance in la liga, but at the same time, there are convinced that Depor still have enough chances in order to clinch the permanence. Meanwhile, Aouate and Riki also justified their errors during the encounter at the Ono Stadi.

Coach Miguel �ngel Lotina was feeling sorry because Deportivo lost a good opportunity to advance in la liga "It isn't a setback, but neither a step forward. This defeat means that we aren't advancing. The winner of this match would had the permanence in one pocket, and now Mallorca is almost saved, although it isn't something new taking in mind the team they have. If we would have 37 points by now, we would be calmed, but we have failed and we need to say it: in order to score goals, you need to shot on target."

The Basque coach also explained that he was near to introduce Valer�n into the game, but that he changed his mind after he witnessed the improvement of the squad during the second half "I was near to change the system, but that would mean to make an adjustment in our tactic and I didn't do it after I realised that we were fine in the second part."

Finally, Lotina criticised the job of  Fern�ndez Borbal�n after the referee didn't protect Xisco throughout the match "There were a lot of tackles from behind against Xisco, all made by the two central defenders, David Navarro and Nunes. We were unlucky with the position of the referee. We always lost because he never saw those fouls, but the referee was perfect." were the comments of Depor's coach in a sarcastic way.

Goalkeeper Dudu Aouate was appointed as the villain of the encounter after he failed in the goal of Mallorca, but the Israeli explained the reasons why he could saw the ball in the free-kick taken by Arango "It was a low ball, it passed between the players and I could only saw it when it was two meters from me, when it was rebounding on the ground. Besides the pitch was wet and it was difficult to have a proper reaction."

Aouate also appointed that Depor played an ugly game, but that at the same time, the hopes aren't dead yet "Deportivo made a poor game during the first half, period of time in which Mallorca was connected to the game. The match was more equal during the second part. They neither did great things, just at the end. We must rise our head, we neither would won all the games in liga. Now we must think of Murcia, it won't be easy because they also want to live, but we must win."

Albert Lopo was curiously leaving the pitch with an ensaimada on his hands (The Mallorcan ensa�mada is a pastry product with great tradition on the island, is made with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, mother dough and pork lard). The Catalan used a metaphor in order to describe the game "Ensaimada was what we had during the first part. Ensaimada is also what the referee has gave to us. That's for sure. He didn't help too much."

However and as Aouate appointed, Lopo believes that Depor still alive in the quest for the salvation "We can't make a  drama about this defeat. It was an important game, but we still have to face more encounters and we must continue in the same line saw before."

Meanwhile, Angel Lafita had a poor game and didn't shine as he did against Real Madrid. The Aragonian said that the game should ended in a draw "I believe a draw would be the fairest result. Everything was wrong, Mallorca didn't do the merits to win, although neither us. Without shooting on goal is impossible to win the matches. Someday the defeat had to come and unfortunately, it occurred on here."

Striker Riki was indignant after he was sent off with just thirteen minutes on the pitch "I don't know what this referee had against Deportivo. In the second yellow card, I lost the balance when I jumped for the ball. I hope we would be able to appeal and that I would be ready to play against Murcia."

Andr�s Guardado preferred to affirm that Deportivo still have a big chance in order to achieve the goal of the permanence "There is still a long way to go in order to catch our objective." The Mexican also appointed that he's fine with the decision of Lotina of having him as a substitute "We must respect the work of my partners. An inexistent polemic has been created around this. Let's hope a chance for me will come, but if not, I will always support the team from the outside."

The sensations were different at Mallorca, coach Gregorio Manzano was convinced this was one of the most important victories of his team during the present season "We've achieved a deserved win, although the score should be higher according to our merits. This is an important step forward in order to reach the mark for the permanence, something I hope to be able to reach during the next three matches."

Juan Arango was the best player and the hero of the match, the Venezuelan international showed his happiness for it "This are very important three points. We made an intelligent game. The true is that we have created occasions and it ended to be a good game for us. I am more content for the game of the squad than for my goals."

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