16 Dec 2005
Iv??n Carril is living the Derby with an special taste. As a Compostela-born man Iv??n is saying that he prefers Depor better than Celta (people from that city usually prefers Vigo's team). He's hoping to participate in the game and the winger is also anticipating a possible celebration if he scores a goal on this important match.

Q: As a Compostela-born man, aren't you a fan of Celta?
A: No. It's truth that before my arrival to Depor I wasn't a fan of the club, but I have four years living in La Coru?±a, I'm totally integrated in the squad and I fell a special sentiment for this shirt, that's why Saturday's game is special, I know the meaning that it has for the fans.

Q: How is your desired Derby?
A: In my dream Depor wins, and logically with me in the lineup, but another 0-5 will be great too, That will be the best.

Q: Are you hoping to find an hostile environment?
A: It will be great. I want to see Bala?­dos pissed off! I love those environments. In Marseilles and Sevilla it was perfect, although that in Sevilla people wasn't against us. In Bala?­dos they will be for sure, and if our game and goals cause that reaction it will be the best.

Q: Are you sure? you could fear a situation like that...
A: Of course not! Maybe the people sees a fragile imagine, but I don't fear anything. On the pitch I know to be hard. Even sometimes I was sent off during the matches. I won't be scared just for four kicks that they will throw me nor for the insults I could hear. In Fabril the situation became worse sometimes...

Q: Worse?
A: Yes, let's see it. There wasn't too many people attending to the matches, but there were enough. We have to remember that the matches with Celta B  were played in Barreiro and not in Bala?­dos where there's security.

Q: So, do you received a lot of fouls then?
A: Plenty of. I remember the last confrontation, we ended 4-4. It was tremendous! they insulted us in all the ways possible. For me the best thing is when they call us Turcos, Every time they call me on that way I start to laugh.

Q: Any particular player of Celta that motivates you to face?
A: No! That team isn't like (Real) Madrid or Barcelona, they have Roberto Carlos or Puyol, but Celta doesn't have any special players that motivates me.

Q: Not even Borja Oubi?±a?
A: That case is special, because he's Galician. Let's be clear, It's in a positive sense. It's a shame not having more Galician players in this Derby. That's why I like to see Borja as protagonist.

Q: What would you do if you score a goal?
A: Well... I will make a big celebration. I'm thinking in dedicating the goal to a friend of mine, his name is Antonio and he’s an anti-Celtista. Currently he's sick, for that reason he can't watch the game.

Q: Any special celebration?
Yes, he likes to play the trombone. I would celebrate the goal like I am playing it.

Q: Maybe somebody could be mad with that celebration?
A: It will be a foolish thing if they get mad for it. I already thought about it. if I'm lucky it will be a very special moment and I can't hire my feelings.

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