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01 Jul 2008
Fadesa-Martinsa will not renew its contract with Deportivo and the club is searching for a new sponsor. According to some sources, two multinational corporations are interested and right now they are negotiating with Deportivo. Fadesa-Martinsa has been Depor’s main sponsor since the year 2001.

In order to start the season 2008/2009, Deportivo is searching for a new sponsor. Newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a informed the contract with Fadesa-Martinsa ended on Monday and that the building company hasn't offered a renewal to the Galician club, therefore president Lendoiro is already searching for a substitute.

La Opini??n talked with some officials at Deportivo and the paper wrote they aren't worried about the possibility of finding this new sponsor, because they consider that any Primera club is a very good way to advertise a brand. In fact, a report at Radio COPE informed a few days ago that president Lendoiro is already negotiating with two multinational companies that are interested in signing a contract with Deportivo.

It isn't public the amount of money that Fadesa-Martinsa was contributing to the club, but according to the financial reports, Deportivo was receiving €10 million in terms of sponsorship (amount that includes the contribution of other companies like Santa Monica Sports).

Fadesa signed a contract with Deportivo in August of the year 2001, the contract stipulated the building company had the right to put its name in the shirt of the first squad and also in signboards located in the press rooms used by the team. The deal was ending in June 30th, 2008. Later the company switched its name to Fadesa-Martinsa after the Madrilenian entrepreneur Fernando Mart?n decided to buy the company to the Galician Manuel Jove. Apparently this was the main reason why the contract wasn't renewal: because the company is no longer Galician.

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