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31 Mar 2008
New setback for Fabril playing away from Abegondo, it's the fourth straight defeat for Depor's youngsters playing in this condition. It was an ugly game for Ramallo's squad, the visitors never found the way to surpass a Lugo that harmed with stationary plays. At least Fabril remains in the top-four positions in group one and keeps alive its hopes for the promotion.

Tito Ramallo had the casualties of Guille and Iv??n P?©rez who are injured, while Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu' was joining the first squad for the game against Murcia. Borja Facal and Jos?© Arenas were doubtful during the week, but they were fine for the game. In the end, Ramallo trusted in the usual 4-2-3-1 figure with Iv??n Carril performing in the playmaking function and Lassad up front.

Lugo was coming to this game after five games without achieving a victory, coach Fonsi Valverde trusted in a 4-5-1 formation with Sergio 'Rooney' Arias as the reference in the attacking zone. Another attraction was to see Jos?© Manuel Aira in the home team, Aira is an ex-Depor player that performed two seasons with the first squad (1995/96, 1996/97). The Anxo Carro has always been a tough stadium for Fabril, the last time that Depor's youngster won there was on the season 1984/1985 when both teams were at Tercera Divisi??n. Besides, Depor B was coming to this game after losing its last three away games.

Terrible presentation of Fabril at the Anxo Carro. Lugo knew the importance of Carlos Pita in Ramallo's squad and the local midfielders put a lot of pressure over him, perhaps that was the main reason why the visitors never represented a real danger against keeper Marcos Val?­n. The negative circle was closed with a defensive line that seemed very nervous and with a keeper -Fabricio- that was a real danger each time he had to fight for a ball in the aerial game.

The true is that Lugo found a comfortable advantage in the scoresheet in just eighteen minutes. The first goal arrived after a corner-kick, Fabricio failed to contain the ball and Aira headed it, then Dani Carril found it and scored the goal. Fabril seemed to react when Lassad had the chance to tie the game after he headed a cross from Iv??n Carril, but the ball reached Marcos Val?­n's arms without any problem (8').

And Fabril's defensive zone failed once again ten minutes later. Juanan left Sergio Arias unmarked and the striker faced Fabricio, Fabril's keeper was able to deflect the ball, but Luciano Alonso Perdomo 'Ciani' found the rebound and scored the second goal with a perfect volley. It's the third goal on this season for the ex-Vecindario player.

There was no reaction in the visitors as Fabril was on 'vacations', while Lugo even had the chance to increase its lead, once again through Ciani, the midfielder eluded a rival a sent a powerful shot, but Fabricio cleared the danger this time. With Pita blocked, the ideas of Fabril were nulle. Iv??n Carril was having a lot of problems in order to create occasions and Lassad only received the ball twice throughout the first half. All the offensive efforts of Fabril were reduced to long-distance shots. More precisely to three attempts made by Jos?© Arenas, Pita and Juachi. The one of Pita ended out while the other two were stopped by keeper Marcos Val?­n.

The second half followed the same path, local midfielders Pablo Rodr?­guez and Garmendia were winning the battle over Pita and Alex. Lugo even had the luxury of giving the ball to Fabril, but the visitors didn't know what to do with it and they never created anything worthy, just a couple of crosses from Borja, a new headed of Lassad that went out and a long-distance shot of Herbert who replaced Jos?© Arenas when the second half was just starting.

The pace of the game was slower during the second part, mainly for the changes made by both coaches. Winger Ciani, the most dangerous player in the local team, was replaced by Mauro and Lugo lost an important reference in attack. Meanwhile Nacho Matador replaced Borja Facal at Fabril, a defensive modification made by Ramallo in order to have more presence in midfield.

And the game was defined within the last minutes, once again Fabricio failed to contain a ball and as a result of this, Lugo had the opportunity to throw a new corner-kick. Pablo Rodr?­guez sent the cross and Chapi scored an own goal after he tried to clear the danger during a fight with ex-Depor defender Aira, just a new reminder of the errors in defence committed during the whole game.

At least Depor's youngsters were able to score a goal. Rub?©n Rivera, who replaced Carril seven minutes before, sent a long pass to Herbert, then the Galician youngster ran between two rivals and drilled the ball into Marcos Val?­n's bottom-right corner.

Third straight defeat for Fabril playing outside home and once again, Depor's youngsters are losing the first place in group one. At least they remain in the top four, a situation that allows their participation in the promotion series to Segunda Divisi??n. Depor's next game will be at Abegondo against Lanzarote, team that's currently 12th in the table, but that already won five times away from home.



Lugo: Marcos Val?­n - Moncho (Costas 90'), Dani Carril, Germ??n, Aira - Garmendia, Pablo Rodr?­guez (Richard 81'), Ciani (Mauro 71'), Rub?©n Dur??n, Manu - Sergio Arias.
Fabril: Fabricio - Laure, Juachi, Juanan, Chapi - ?lex, Pita - Borja (Nacho Matador 74'), Iv??n Carril (Rub?©n Rivera 81'), Jos?© Arenas (Herbert 50') -.Lassad.
Goals: 1-0: (6') Dani Carril, 2-0: (18') Ciani, 3-0: (72') Chapi (o.g.), 3-1: (88') Herbert.
Referee: G??mez Gonz??lez. He showed yellow card to Dani Carril, Ciani, Manu, Aira, Mauro, Laure, Chapi, Lassad and Herbert. The doctor of Lugo was sent off after a fight with Iv??n Carril.
Venue: Anxo Carro (2,000).

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