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31 Mar 2008
Depor's players were happy with the final result and especially with the reaction of the squad after Murcia's early goal. However, Lotina wasn't content, he believes that Deportivo lost intensity after the third goal, a fact that could cost more goals to his team. Meanwhile in Murcia, it seems the relegation starts to be understood as a reality.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina wasn't satisfied with the victory over Murcia, what he didn't like was the attitude of Depor after the third goal of Xisco "I didn't like my team at all after the arrival of the third goal. We played too much relaxed and it can't be like that, we need to be more mature. We gave enough chances to them in order to score the second goal and it can't happen. We most be more consistent no matter what's the result."

Besides, the Basque coach was disappointed for the way in which the second goal arrived "We studied the things before and we have allowed a similar goal than in past occasions." At least Lotina praised Xisco for his three goals "It's clear the goals give confidence to the strikers. We were complaining our attackers weren't scoring, but it was demonstrated that if we are sending crosses to the area, the goals would arrive."

Finally, Lotina is now more optimistic about the future of the team "We have won a game that we had to win.  It's clear the third spot in relegation is really tight for some teams in la liga, but we are only two points under the eighth place, and if our team continues with the same seriousness in defence, we must be ambitious for the forthcoming games."

Central defender Pablo Amo was praising that Depor has finally learned how to face the teams at the bottom of the table "The most important thing was the victory and we have achieved it. The team knew how to face the giants in la liga and now it has happended the same against a team that's at the bottom, just like us. We knew how to face both situations. Now we'll go for the win at Santander, but we know the important thing are the results achieved at home."

Juan Carlos Valer??n was also satisfied for the reaction of Depor after Murcia's early goal "We must stay with the final result. In one sense, we committed some errors, but in the other hand, we knew how to react. This were three necessary points. About my situation, these minutes are helping me to get some pace, I was a little suffocated, but later I was feeling fine and I'm leaving with a great satisfaction."

Similar opinion was expressed by Julian De Guzman who once again represented an important piece in midfield  "The game turned to be really good after we reacted and scored the first goal. We knew the important thing was the points, because after losing at Mallorca, the team had to return to the victory's path."

Filipe Luis reminded of the contribution made by the public at the Riazor "We must follow this pattern. This positive streak at home is something deserved by everybody, especially the fans who should be rated with ten points. The squad never fell down, it went for the game and we were fine."

?ngel Lafita recognised this victory is meaning a big step forward for Depor's aspirations "The important thing is that we achieved the victory and now we're just three points away from the permanence. The squad demonstrated that we know how to overcome a negative result. After losing at Mallorca, we were forced to win and although it was complicated, the team knew how to comeback. Now we depend on ourselves and we know what we need in order to achieve the permanence."

Christian Wilhelmsson believes that despite Depor is closer to the permanence, it can't lose the tension in the competition "Although we started badly, we begun to score goals and that fact gave us the strength. Now we can't take a breath, we must continue in the same way, absolutely."

The happiest person in the stadium was Xisco, the Mallorcan striker appeared in the changing room with the ball used in the game and that was signed by all his team mates, he even joked about his hattrick "I should always play with the bandage" -he wore a bandage for the six stitches in his ear. "This is the first hattrick in my career at Primera, therefore I'm taking the ball and also the shirt. My team mates were joking about this, they said that I should always play with the bandage. And if I have to play with it, I will always do it. "

President Augusto C?Šsar Lendoiro shared Lotina's opinion as he said that Depor suffered a lot after Xisco's third goal "We can notice that although the squad was losing, Murcia was inferior. The worse moments of Deportivo arrived after the 3-1. We should think it was a fair result thinking it has been a great day for us."

One of the negative news was the injury suffered by Andr?Šs Guardado, doctor Ram??n Barral explained his case and also the one of Wilhelmsson "Guardado felt a strong pain in the biceps (right leg), therefore we will make a deeper scan on Tuesday in order to know the state of his injury. It's sort or less the same region of his previous injury. It's a case that doesn't looks good. Wilhelmsson was replaced but he was just tired, nothing important."

Lotina also talked about the case "We need more scans and later the doctors will determine the seriousness of the case." Later Depor's coach didn't want to blame Mexico's national team for the situation since Guardado performed 90 minutes during a midweek friendly against Ghana "It's difficult to see a 21-year-old player telling his national team that he can only perform during 50 minutes. It's clear we have been affected, but we can't blame the national team of Mexico."

In Murcia, coach Javier Clemente was blaming his team for the defeat "Today, it has been one of the days in which we were more vulnerable, one of the days in which we couldn't stop the rival, although it wasn't our worst presentation, because the worst one was against Getafe. Today, it was similar, the team was fearful, and we played with a big respect to Deportivo's game after the equaliser."

The Basque coach seemed resigned to the relegation "It's a complicated distance that we need to overcome, and each day is more complicated, so at this rate, there will come a time when the games remaining are the same as the needed victories, and we won't have the time to react."

But who hasn't lost the hope is goalkeeper Fabi??n Carini "This defeat is a big setback that we weren't expecting. We were coming with the intention of adding the three points, but we committed big mistakes that were too expensive. We still have eight matchdays until the final and the situation isn't good, but we will try until we have the chance to fight for the permanence."

Fernando Baiano, a striker hated by Depor's fans after he chose Celta instead of Deportivo, seems also resigned to the relegation "I still have two years in my contract. But I don't have a problem to continue at Murcia, no matter we play in Primera or Segunda. If we go down, I won't have a problem in order to continue, but it's a decision that should be taken by president Jes??s Samper."

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