02 Apr 2008
Xisco was in all the headlines during Monday and Tuesday, the Mallorcan striker scored the first hat-trick at Depor in four years and ended the discussion about the lack of goals at the team. Xisco talked with sportpaper <i>AS</i> and newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?±a</i> about his feelings after the game against Murcia and also about the current situation of Depor.

Q: How a player gets up the day after he scored three goals?
A: Fine. I already saw myself on the front pages of some newspapers. Clearly, it's different, because you can't achieve this every day, but I feel it's like any other day. I am glad for what it means for the team. I think it's also more important for everything that has been said about the lack of goals at the squad. I am not a phenomenon, neither I was so bad a week ago. I see myself equally.

Q: Is this hat-trick closing the debate about the players on your position?
A: At least during this season, I don't think people will stop to talk about it. They still believing on that. I respect their opinion, because anyone is free to say what they want. I think we possess more goal compared to what has been said and also compared to what we have achieved so far. I hope these three goals will help me and the rest of strikers in order to, at least, forget the issue during two weeks.

Q: Was this one of your best games with Depor?
A: Well, I think that not. I made quite best games regarding work, or involvement in the game, but it's clear that every ball was entering into the net during this match. People ask goals to the strikers and that's what counts. I only failed twice, but what I noticed is that I had a lot of opportunities.

Q: You were encouraged after Murcia took the lead, because the system isn't a benefit for the striker. Isn't?
A: I wish they will put me 50 balls per game in order to score, but our tactical approach is not made for that. Neither we can't say anything, because there is no doubt that it's effective.

Q: You spent nine matchdays without scoring and you conquered against Murcia almost as many goals as the entire year. What is the explanation?
A: I have scored goals during my whole life, and I knew that I was not going to spent the rest of the season without making more. Achieving this is something that comes as a streak, and I hope that if the team continues to play in the same way, I would be able to start a positive streak.

Q: You reached the number of seven goals. Is to reach ten or twelve the target for the end of the league?
A: I am not concerned about the numbers, neither I want to fix a target for the goals. The ones that will come are the ones that will come.

Q: The last hat-trick at Depor was four years ago during a Derby. Do you remember it?
A: Sure. I will not forget that, because it was an incredible game. You don't achieve a 0-5 against Celta every day. It's an honour to be the first person to achieve this after so many years.

Q: The last of the goals had an special celebration, which cost you a yellow card. What did you felt?
A: It was a mixture of great joy, but also of anger. Neither I thought about how I was going to celebrate it. It wasn't premeditated, it just came out like that. The team was needing it and those goals gave us a lot of security.

Q: Was the bandage you were carrying in your head an influence in the goals you scored?
A: I don't think it was it for the bandage, but in the changing room some partners told me I had to carry with that in each game although nothing was happening. I am happy because today they removed the stitches from the area and I now I can already play without problems.

Q: Do you think that you already have a secure place in this Depor?
A: I am not relaxed just for what has happened. I will continue to work and who will decide is Lotina. All of us can't play at the same time, but here, as you get sleep and stop pressing in the trainings, anyone can take the spot away from you.

Q: Do you fear the team will be relaxed after the latest victory, just as it happened at Mallorca or Huelva?
A: We already suffered similar setbacks and I hope Mallorca was the last time. The team didn't go out involved in the game during that occasion.

Q: Do you have a special desire to Racing for what happened in the first round?
A: There isn't a desire for revenge, because we were upset with ourselves, not with them. It was the game in which we dominated the most and when we had more occasions to score.

Q: Do you see yourself in Europe?
A: We must stop to think about that. It's a mistake to think about the Intertoto.

Q: Are you saved?
A: Not at all. Clearly, no one thinks in the same way than when we were in the drop positions and things seemed to not been working. We did something difficult, which was leaving those places, but what's truly difficult is to stay out of there.

Q: Everybody is pointing to Recreativo and Valladolid.
A: And everybody pointed to us when we were down there. The one at the bottom is always the one who eats the criticism. I am convinced that we will continue in Primera.

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