10 Apr 2008
<b>Fabricio Coloccini is living his best season at Deportivo, the Argentinean is the only field player in la liga that has participated in all minutes played so far, while he has also scored three goals in the campaign. He talked with newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?±a</i> about the current situation in la liga.</b>

Q: You won't deny that this game has some sense of morbidity.
A: Why, because there were problems? No. The motivation is not just for one single game. I think that who's playing and that wasn't playing with Caparr??s is trying to demonstrate throughout the season whether he was right or not. Personally, it doesn't mean anything extra for me, it's just one more game. It doesn't interest me for that particular reason, but to continue winning, and I don't want to give more importance than it deserves.

Q: Now that you score goals, would you celebrate them with more will?
A. No, if you are talking about Caparr??s, it has nothing to do. Hopefully I will score in order to help my team. It would be nice, but I don't want to give importance to something that it isn't worthy and that has harmed us rather than been helpful. It isn't  significant nor important rather than the three points

Q: Why you say it has harmed you rather than been helpful?
A:  I don't know, I mean that people here wasn't enjoying too much during the past year. Beyond that we achieved the permanence very early, the fans didn't spend good times as they are doing now.

Q:  Your personal situation has also changed, radically.
A: Yes, I am happy. Things are going very well and even more now because we started badly but the squad never dropped its arms, me and the people in the changing room always believed in the group. Now we're going forward and we aren't failing with our way of playing. Because the coach, beyond the poor results, never chose to start playing with long balls nor to despair. We changed the scheme but not how we play, and that means a lot, because it means that we were believing in the project and now it's emerging.

Q: Do you feel appreciated?
A: When you have continuity and play games, then you depends on yourself, to demonstrate what can be, and fortunately things are going well.

Q: Athletic is coming with everything.
A: Yes, of course. It's a team that fights, that gives troubles, which may not have too much football, but that has managed to achieve the permanence too early and now aspires to other things. We still have not achieved our goal, so we want to add in order to do that.

Q: But they are only three points over you.
A: But this are three points that, if you don't win, will become six, and that means a big distance. It's a matter of reducing this distance, and if they are already thinking of other things, we have to close our target. Then, whatever it comes.

Q: If you win on Sunday, will the permanence become a fact?
A: I don't know how is going to be this year. Usually with 43 points or 44 you are saved, and I believe that with three more points and the remaining games, is almost assured.

Q: Lotina said that talking only about  the permanence is ruin, because of the sensations  left by the team, and that to talk about Europe, is a thing for the ignorance.
A: I don't agree. I think we need to talk about the permanence because we haven't achieved that. The day that we do this, then we'll talk about other things. The feeling of the team was never to go down, although there were bad moments. If you allow to be washed away by this situations, it could be a mistake. It gives a very good impression, but with impressions you don't earn the three points.

Q: - You gave the face during the hard times. Are you also important off the pitch?
A: Yes, it's what the changing room asks. People with more experience is the one that has to carry with this situation and since we have so much youth in the team, it was a necessary thing to have me with the captains. I love it because it's an additional responsibility that puts me more deeply into the group.

Q: - In terms of  numbers, yours are incredible. You have played completely all the games in liga, three goals and only two yellow cards.
A: We continue to expect things like that. I hope that we will continue working and that the injuries and yellow cards will continue to avoid me. About the goals, I am happy, because when I came to Primera, I always scored at least one goal during the seasons. I spent two or three years without scoring, or not playing, and I had lost a bit the taste of scoring. Now fortunately I am doing this, and the important thing is that I can help the team.

Q: How are you physically? Still holding?
A: Well, the truth is that I feel strong in order to continue. Neither I am a veteran, huh? I am twenty-six years old.

Q: To be certifying the permanence means that Lotina will probably continue. Is this good news?
A: I believe that yes. I am speaking in a personal sense, but I think he has shown that despite the pressure, because he has lived very complicated moments, he endured with the same style of playing, and if he was wrong, he was going down with it. Luckily, he carried out with everything, therefore is a credit to him because when things were wrong, the criticism was all against him and he knew how to endure. That's very difficult.

Q: Will you say hi to Caparr??s?
A: The salute is not denied to anyone. Neither to Caparr??s.

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