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11 Apr 2008
Riazor will witness a confrontation between the coaches that have directed the destiny of Deportivo within the last three years. Caparr??s returns to La Coru?a and he does it with the usual speech: praising everybody at his former club. Meanwhile Lotina talked about several aspects affecting his squad, including the situation at Fabril.

It's the newest battle between the last two coaches of Deportivo, Besides the game represents a confrontation between two of the most experienced trainers in la liga, Lotina accumulates 284 matches as a  Primera coach, while Caparr??s already has 258, but the Andalucian has won more games, because he already accumulates 96 victories in Primera Divisi??n, while the Basque has only added 90.

So far, both trainers have faced each other in thirteen opportunities (eleven in liga and two in copa del rey) and the balance is very equal, because both coaches accumulates five victories while the other three matches ended in a draw:

Miguel ?ngel Lotina talked on Saturday at Abegondo's press room, he assured the game is vital for his team "We will try to win because the three points will give us a lot of confidence, and because this is our first chance in order to win three straight games, it will give us a lot of confidence. We play against a strong team, one that already knows us. We are able to defeat them, but it won't be easy. Let's hope that, with the help of our fans, we'll achieve a win that will help us to solidify our situation."

The Basque coach didn't liked the words of several players related to the rivalry with Caparr??s, as he said "I have talked with them and they have understood the message. They have to play well in a collective and personal sense, to behave like professionals. Neither to go out too much excited nor too much relaxed. We must be intelligent and continue playing like we have done before. We must forgive about this and make a good game. I respect Caparr??s and I have a good relationship with him."

Once again Lotina appointed that he doesn't believe that Deportivo will end in a UEFA spot at the end of the season "Neither Athletic (Bilbao) nor Depor, nor Mallorca will enter into Europe trough the UEFA cup, for me the six first places are very clear, although is very well to keep the hopes."

Lotina also talked about Adri??n, striker that has been loaned out to Alav?s "He is going to see himself during these 10 games, then we will know if we have to open the doors or loan him out again during another year. Tamudo was loaned to Alav?s and Lleida, Silva was at ?ibar and Celta and both are now major players. With Adrian, we have to train him, I think he can become into a very important player and a very valid option in Spanish football, and I hope that at Depor too."

Finally, he praised the level of Fabril and explained why he called Piscu for the game against Atheltic "I care a lot about Fabril and I want to see them playing the promotion series, but in our current situation, we can't do experiments with the central defenders, when we are saved and if we don't  have the necessity, I won't bring players from the second team. Our B squad has made a campaign that nobody expected and whatever happens, they are above the objectives, we should be proud of it."

Joaqu?n Caparr??s talked in a press conference before to the trip to La Coru?a, as it's usual in his speeches, he only had eulogies for his former team "I say it for real: I am at Athletic (Bilbao) thanks to the work done by the players of Deportivo during the past two years. I want to thank them."

During the week, the current Depor's players criticised some of the things lived with Caparr??s during the previous two years, but the Utrera-born coach didn't give importance to it "Maybe those were unpopular measures, but there, we witnessed the greatness of Deportivo and the intelligence of a president like Augusto (Lendoiro), who knows how to direct. The radical changes are made when a club has downgraded its level. However, at Deportivo this reconversion was made when the team was competing in Primera"

Finally, Caparr??s praised the current level of Deportivo and also the one of Athletic Bilbao "They are living their best moment. We are two very equal teams that are going up. 'Loti' is a magnificent coach and the implication of the players in complicate situations tells you a lot about the group possessed by Deportivo, because in this kind of situations the players are the ones pressing and carrying out with this thing."

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