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13 Apr 2008
Two errors in just one minute cost the match to Deportivo B, the Galician boys made a serious game, specially during the first half, but the particular distraction at the start of the second half was too expensive. It's the third straight defeat for Fabril, but the squad keeps its chances of entering into the promotion series to Segunda.

Tito Ramallo was in serious troubles, because he was facing the game with eight casualties, six of them were regular starters in the formations. Guille, Iv??n P?©rez, Laure, Chapi and Herbert missed the clash for injury reasons, while Juachi, Iv??n Carril and Nacho Matador were suspended. For this reason the coach had to complete the list of called players with four youngsters from Juvenil A (Depor C): Marcos Caridad, David Rochela, Juan Dom?­nguez and David A?±??n.

Therefore, the starting line-up was full of novelties. Manu stayed as the starting keeper. With Laure out, his place at the right-back position was occupied by Sergio Benito. Rochela debuted at Fabril playing alongside Juanan in the centre of the defence, while Roberto Casado returned after several weeks in order to cover the absence of Juachi on the left sector. The only thing that remained the same were the couple in midfield: Alex and Pita. The formation was completed with Borja Facal playing as right winger, Jose Arenas on the left, Ruben Rivera as playmaker and Lassad as the lonely striker.

Meanwhile, Fuerteventura was coming to the game trying to enter into the fight for the promotion to Segunda Divisi??n. The main references for coach Jos?© Juan Almeida were the strikers Mois?©s Mart?­nez and Maciot Rom??n D?©vora. Both strikers are the best scorers in the team with eight goals in their account.

The weather conditions affected both teams since the game started, a strong wind was against Fabril in the first part, but it also affected Fuerteventura, because the home players had difficulties in order to control the ball. The first half was very intense, but the occasions to score were very rare, mainly for the job done by both defensive sectors.

The first chance arrived at the 4th minute, a cross of Maciot was searching for Mois?©s's head, but Rochela cleared the danger. Precisely, two of the three players involved in the action suffered a muscular injury and both were replaced at the 9th minute. David Rochela was making his debut in a official competition and he was replaced by another youngster from Juvenil A: Marcos Caridad. Meanwhile,  Maciot was replaced by Jes??s David Abrante 'Memo', a 29-year-old striker with five goals on this season and that would have a decisive participation in this game.

Fabril gave intentionally the control of the ball to Fuerteventura, the Canarians didn't know what to do with it, mainly because ?lex and Pita were blocking the offensive couple Eloy-Gustavo. Therefore both teams had difficulties in order to create chances to score. But Deportivo B was able to open the scoresheet in its first approximation. A play between Borja and Rub?©n Rivera was transformed into a cross from the right wing, Jos?© Arenas received the ball at the edge of the penalty area, he controlled the ball first with his right foot, and then he sent a strong shot that entered in the top-right corner of Novoa.

The rest of the first half was a lesson of defence made by Fabril, the home team struggled to create something, but the wind and the deadlock imposed by Ramallo was too much for the local players. Their best chance to tie the actions came at the 39th minute, Mois?©s tried with a long-distance shot, but Manu saved his team sending the ball to a corner-kick.

And Tito Ramallo's team had the big chance to secure the victory two minutes after half-time, a free-kick at the border of the area passed inches away from the crossbar of Novoa, it was a combination between Pita and Jos?© Arenas. And Depor B paid the price within the next five minutes.

Two distractions in just one minute buried all the good work done in the first part. The first goal of the home team came after Mois?©s took a long free-kick to the box, Jes??s David Abrante 'Memo' jumped in the penalty spot and headed the ball over Manu.  And then the same striker repeated the action one minute later, this time after Jonay Acor??n Rodr?­guez 'Futre' made a good play on the right wing.

Both goals were a shocker to Fabril, after been defending a positive result, Ramallo's squad was now forced to attack and search for the equaliser, something that wasn't pleasant for the visitors. Because Depor B never felt comfortable with the obligation of been attacking,  a situation that Fuerteventura used in order to try to score a third goal. In fact, the Canarians were more closer to add a new goal than Depor of the equaliser.

At the 67th minute, the Canarians were near to increase the lead after Memo entered to the penalty spot with the ball, Juanan tackled him, but referee Gonz??lez Mateu didn't whistled anything. Two minutes later, a corner-kick of Gustavo was headed by Iker and the ball passed near to the left post. Ramallo tried to react with the entrances  of Juan Dominguez and Aridane, but the occasions continued to be for Fuerteventura.

At the 79th minute, Mois?©s had a chance from mid-distance, but his shot went high, one minute later Pedro had a new opportunity with a crossed shot, once again the ball went near to the left post. The confusion was so big at Fabril, that an error of Juanan almost cost a new goal to Manu, the central defender tried to pass the ball to the keeper, but Manu wasn't there, fortunately the ball hit the post and later Memo sent the ball out (81'). The same Memo, the most dangerous player in the home team, had the chance to define the game during the stoppage time, once again with the head and after a good cross from Soto, but Manu saved his team with a great save.

Fabril was having the control of the game and even scored a goal that was giving confidence to the team, but  two errors in just one minute have cost the three points to the Galician squad. After the goals, Depor B lost the confidence and it wasn't able to assimilate the impact, the squad even suffered during the last twenty five minutes as Fuerteventura had enough chances to achieve a higher score.

Now Fabril is sixth in the table, at least the promotion zone is just one point away from Depor's youngsters. The irregular behaviour of the top teams in group one are tightening the things for the promotion series, probably the name of this four teams would be determined until the last matchday. There are five matches remaining in the calendar and the good news for Fabril is that three of those five games will be played at Abegondo against rivals that are fighting in order to avoid the relegation. If Ramallo's team is able to secure those nine points, it's very probable the team will end in the promotion zone.

Fabril's next game is against Alcorc??n, a team that's 14th in the table and that 's fighting in order to survive. Besides, they have lost ten of its sixteen games played as visitors. The game will be played at Abegondo on this Saturday (17h00).



UD Fuerteventura: Novoa - Soto, Casquero, Iker, Eloy - Marce, Futre (Fali  86'), Gustavo (Richard 78'), Mois?©s - Pedro, Maciot (Memo 9').
Deportivo B: Manu - Sergio Benito, Juanan, Rochela (Marco Caridad 9') (Juan Dominguez 76'), Roberto Casado - Alex, Pita - Borja, Rub?©n Rivera, Jos?© Arenas (Aridane 76') - Lassad.
Goals: 0-1: (19') Jos?© Arenas, 1-1: (50') Memo, 2-1: (51') Memo.
Referee: Gonz??lez Mateu. He showed yellow card to Futre, Memo, Pita and Lassad.
Venue: Los Pozos  (800).

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