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14 Apr 2008
The media praises the reaction of Depor during the second round and appoints the salvation is already done. Everybody appoints that the first goal was the key that helped to define the game, a play that was symbolic since the three central defenders in the squad touched the ball. In Bilbao, they are convinced that Depor did nothing in order to deserve the win.

La Voz de Galicia: Balance, more tranquility ... It's difficult to find a single idea to explain the resurrection of Deportivo during the second round in la liga, but this team is no longer only a well-armed squad complicating the progress of its rivals from a tight system. Now is also a striking Depor practising good football, a team that relies in its offensive chances and that has been able to score six goals in two straight matches against Racing Santander and Athletic Bilbao, teams that were coming as the squads with less goals allowed in the competition. Lotina shows that the 5-4-1 can also be used to attack.

It wasn't easy for Deportivo, although once the can was open, everything was more easy. Caparr??s knew how to clog this 5-4-1, the key was to cover both wings. If Filipe and Manuel Pablo aren't arriving or were only having small chances, then the only option of Deportivo is to search for the inside game. It happened like that during the first half, period in which both side defenders rarely appeared. However, the response from Lotina's men was remarkable. With the wings obstructed, the inside game worked very well. The mobility of Lafita helped a lot, but mostly it was Wilhelmsson who leaded under this circumstances, prepared to enter to any area and break the trap of the offside with precise passes between the lines, opportunities that Xisco was close to take.

The inside game of Depor gave a solution, but the key was other thing, because what Caparr??s was unable to defuse (an expert in these things) was the offensive strategy, which once again resolved the game for the Galicians. In the first goal, the ball was touched with the head by Pablo Amo, Lopo and Coloccini, demonstrating again that the strength of the system is the aggregation of the three central defenders.

The Athletic of Caparr??s is perfectly recognisable to Depor's fans. Squeezing in the marks, handling endless aids and pressing with resolution in the middle in order to maximise its goals, but its identity label is called Llorente. The team is constantly looking to the 'Taborda rojiblanco', constant reference in its attacking game. His presence allows to see the ball arriving up front easily, fixing his marks and providing long-distance options to the midfielders joining the offensive efforts. Yesterday, Depor neutralised him in the area, but although it wasn't so successful controlling the rebounds in this plays. As Athletic took risks in the second half, the match was even simpler for the Galicians. Then the wings finally appeared (excellent Manuel Pablo and Luis Filipe), the key to launch the counterattacks used by Depor in order to sentence the game. Alfonso Andrade.

La Opinion A Coru?帶: Predictably, the Athletic of Joaqu?要 Caparr??s jumped to the grass of Riazor with the lesson already learned, they knew how to stop the development of the game at Deportivo. Los Rojiblancos, with a line of three players behind its offensive reference, Fernando Llorente, prevented Sergio and De Guzman to comfortably connect with their more advanced team mates. In positioned attacks, Depor had to base its game in the long runs of its three more advanced players.

The encounter was developed as a game of chess in which neither of the two contenders were ready to be surpassed in its initial approach. Deportivo was forced to carry out with the weight of the game, but it never left unprotected the back zone defended by Aouate. Only the combinations on the right wing, plays between Wilhelmsson, Manuel Pablo and Sergio, were causing problems to the four defenders put by Caparr??s at the gates of Armando.

The score could only be opened during an action in a stationary play. It happened like this after Sergio sent a free-kick to the far post, the ball was touched by Pablo Amo, it was prolonged by Lopo and Coloccini sent it into the bottom of Armando's goal. That was the approach that disarmed Athletic. Deportivo took with calm the minutes remaining until the end of the first half. Aware of its technical superiority, it began to link plays in attack, based in the combinative game, which left exposed the deficiencies in Caparr??s's team.

After the break, the boring game of Athletic contagious Deportivo during the opening minutes of the second half. The Galicians lost the territory and allowed the approach through Yeste's crosses searching for Llorente, actions that gave more difficulties compared to the first part of the match. Deportivo seemed asleep and the movements from the bench awakened it. The best Riki of the season, at least in the first minutes he was on the pitch, leaded the second half. First with a right-foot shot from the edge of the area that passed near to the crossbar of Armando, and then with the play that led to the penalty that was transformed by Sergio. Ultimately, a victory based in the trust of the players in the ideas of this system. Arturo Pati?得.

AS: The eyes of sickness were yesterday over Joaqu?要 Caparr??s, returning for the first time after his exit from A Coru?帶. The truth is that the phobias were more on the pitch than in the stands, because the reception to the Utrera-born coach was of indifference. Neither cold nor hot. Neither hatred nor love. Depor's supporters, in a test of maturity, demonstrated with their attitude that the past is forgotten and that the future is what that matters, which certainly paints very well. After suffering hard, now they are looking to the Intertoto, which is just two points away. Curiously it's also the objective of the lions, once the UEFA has been erased from the horizon. Thus, Depor will fight with Caparr??s until the end of the league.

The truth is that yesterday, Athletic showed its bad side, closer to what witnessed during the last two seasons than to what they exhibited this year. And is that the Basques came to the Riazor as the team with less goals allowed in Primera, and they left the stadium leaving an image of weakness in a group of veterans. The short circuit in the visiting team was total, and not even the strange invention of Caparr??s, leaving Aitor Ocio on the bench putting Mu?得z in midfield and placing Javi Martinez as a central defender, served to affect the local domain.

The Blanquiazul orchestra, is now pointing towards Europe, resurfaced with the system of the three central defenders. Yesterday, as a perfect opera, the three tenors appeared to produce the first goal. The goal that gave the 43 points and with them, the salvation and the renovation of Lotina. After a free-kick on the side that was taken by Sergio, Pablo Amo (1) headed in the heart of the area, Lopo (2) extended with his head, and Coloccini (3) beat Armando in a move that summarises the key to the resurrection of Deportivo and the indolence showed yesterday by Athletics' defence.

With everything that Athletic had to suffer, the game was not defined until the 2-0. An absurd and perhaps questionable penalty of Amorebieta over the newly entered Riki was the final sentence, a slab too heavy for an Athletic without identity. The stands also understood the situation and spoke for the first time: Que bote Riazor! Que bote Caparr??s! even the wave was recovered, unseen for nearly three seasons. The final minutes left a great goal of Filipe, something that earned a mariscada with Manuel Pablo and De Guzman, two big stops of Armando, and the cruel post preventing Xisco to score a goal for the third consecutive game. There was also friction. Llorente with Aouate, Taborda with Armando and Riki with Koikili. Hard collisions, but without malice. Luis de la Cruz.

ABC (Madrid): The dreams of Bilbao opting to play next season in the UEFA cup faded away during yesterday's game at the Riazor, place where Deportivo La Coruna gave a serious corrective to Caparr??s's Athletic, he received from his former players the anger unleashed in the last week against his era at the club. Incidentally, the Galicians certified their permanence in Primera, with nine points of margin over the drop zone. Deportivo barely suffered against the rival, thanks to the miracle worked by Lotina with his defence of five players. Coloccini opened the box with his head, and the sentence came with the penalty of Amorebieta over Riki that was scored by Sergio. To crown the game in front of the fans, a reborn Filipe Luis materialised the third goal after a play of Riki. J. L. J.

El Correo Digital (Bilbao): Athletic is no longer hungry. The team shows a lack of ambition and signed a match to forget, boring and meaningless, in which Deportivo did nothing to score three goals. Yesterday's game was a nanny who slept everybody, even the most enthusiastic fan. Way spectacle gave by the two teams. An exercise of slowness in which, unfortunately, Athletic wasn't the winner. There was nothing in the Rojiblanco side, not even a spark to defeat the boredom. Deportivo was trying to attack Armando with eternal transitions, while Bilbao relied their luck to long balls searching for the head of Llorente, one of the few who tried to play football. There were a few occasions in both areas, yes, even three goals, as well, but it gave the impression that this goals were accidental, created by the lack of interest in the opponent and not as a logical consequence of the creation. Even the first goal arrived as an accident. A free-kick headed by Pablo Amo, Lopo does the same and Coloccini, also with the head, sending the ball to the net. A series of rebounds between the three central defenders at Depor, something that opened the victory.

Athletic moved the skin after half-time, but it was a mirage. It wanted to get closer, tracking down the adversary, but it did it rather by a sense of duty than by conviction. Thank goodness the pact that keeps Armando with the posts, yesterday there were two for a total of eleven in his ten liga games. After the timid attempts of Los Rojiblancos, Depor returned to anaesthetise the clash and then they score two more. The three goals were the only remarkable thing of an hour and a half in which everybody was sleeping. Thank you for the nap.

It's hard to understand that a team scoring three goals in a single game hasn't done anything, or practically nothing to deserve such loot. Deportivo, very well supported by Athletic, bored even the sheep with its football and obtained oil from the 'pie' inside the heads of the visiting team in order to add its fifth straight victory at home. Robert Basic.

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